How Do You Wear Your Pins?

We need to talk about your flair…

Pins are a lot like Thin Mints or tattoos – you can’t have just one. And now that our new pin collection has landed, we’ve got 12 new ways for you to add to your growing collection and up your pin game! But where do you wear your favorite pieces of flair? We talked to the artists behind our brand new pin collection to see how they rock their favorite tiny accessories. Check out what they had to say and their amazing designs below!

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“Salty” by little_g_design.

I have this really cool jacket that I love. It’s sort of the Army meets Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band. I like to display my pins on there. I would love to start a bigger collection and get a fun corkboard to store and display them on, though. I guess with Threadless making more pins I can get that collection going!


Genée Cosden-West (@little_g_design)
Personal Space” and “A Damn Fine Cup” by Morkki.

The natural habitat of enamel pins is the pocket flap of a denim jacket.


Ville Morkki (@Morkki) | Tampere, Finland
“Offline” by Aparaat.

I usually place them somewhere on my baseball cap or my trusty old travel bag. Wherever they are though, I wear them with pride.


“ESCAPE” by BertyBob.

For this design in particular, I’d wear it in full view on the chest pocket of my denim jacket. I’d find it handy in those situations where a conversation, argument, or a meeting is going on way too long and you feel the urge to just escape. Without saying anything you’d raise your finger up to the pin mid-conversation and see their eyes flick down to see you tapping the escape key…it’s an instant conversation killer and then you’re free to walk away.


Rob (@bertybob) | Manchester, UK
“Stay Weird” by Deniart

My favorite place for a pin is on the pocket of my old jean jacket.


Deniart | Florianópolis, Brazil
The Vinyl System” and “Pin” by Gamma-Ray.

I don’t currently own pins, but when I get some Threadless pins I plan to wear them on jackets and travel bags.


Grant Shepley (@Gamma-Ray) | Cape Town, South Africa
“I’m Watching You” by Steppeua.

This contest interested me and I made many submissions. But I never wore pins. I think that now I will find a place for them.


Petr Stepanov (@Steppeua) | Drohobych, Ukraine
I Tried” and “All Shall Stop” by Mathiole.

I like to put them everywhere; backpacks, caps, t-shirts, hoodies. I would put a pin on my mom if she let me :D


Matheus lopes (@Mathiole) | Belo Horizonte
“Breakfast in Shore” by Elizabeth.

Maybe I should get my pins first instead of spoon & fork for “Breakfast with Bacon & Egg Sunny Side Up” while relaxing on the shoreline, wearing my pins high & proud on my upper left chest.


I’m a Food Fanatic :)



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