How to Actually Enjoy the Holiday We All Love to Hate

Whether you call it Valentine’s Day, Singles Awareness Day, or just Wednesday, February 14th is almost here. And for a holiday that’s all about love? It sure does get a lot of hate! Hey, I’m with ya, I get it; for those of us crushin’ the single life, it kinda sucks that there’s a whole day to serve as a reminder that, “you’re single – look at all these happy couples!” And for those of us in relationships, it’s a lot of pressure to get this day right, man. It’s about time we flip this holiday and feel the love! Whether you’re celebrating it with your SO, your BFF, or your grandma, here are a few ways to actually enjoy the holiday we all love to hate, along with a few items that will make for the perfect day or gift.

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Couples: do something FUN!

Tee: “Dino Hug” by Lim Heng Swee | Sweatshirt: “Hold On” by Camille Chew | Water Bottle: “Hot for You” by Isaac Caraway | Blanket: “Queen of Hearts” by Minna Mäkipää | Sherpa blanket: “Tonal Organic” by qvocado

Ahh, an evening of rose petals & dinner for two. Sounds so romantic, so classic, so…meh. Couples: go experience something fun and new together! Try out that new brewery that just opened up, snag that super cool experience you saw on Groupon, or grab your hiking shoes and water bottles and go on a hiking adventure together! Or, if you want to have a fun, chill night in, surprise your boo with a damn fine blanket fort (complete with string lights) and binge-watch that new show you’ve both been digging. Maybe have a super chill breakfast in bed…or breakfast for dinner! On this day, it really is the thought that counts – put a lot of thought into a fun experience or night and make it happen.

Singles: Treat Yo’Self. 

Tees: “I Love Hugs” by Aled Lewis and “Not Today Satan” by Kelly Larson | Sherpa blanket: “Sushi Lover” by Graja | Mug: “Cats Are nice.” by Joel Robinson | Hoody: “Not My Type” by Mathiole

Dinner for two? More like dinner for YOU. Valentine’s Day gets a ‘couples’ emphasis, sure. But they say, “love yourself”. So why not treat yourself to a date with your number one: you! Curl up in a warm and fuzzy blanket and a comfy hoody and binge-watch your favorite show. Get together with friends for a night out. Take yourself out for a super nice dinner (or even better – order in and top it off with a mug of fancy hot cocoa).

Host a drawing night (and make anti-Valentine’s Day cards!)

Tees: “Let’s Summon Demons” by Steven Rhodes and “Loathe is the Answer” by David Olenick | Blanket: “Have a Nice Day!” by Vó Maria | Notebook (excluded from 50% off sale): “Not Today” by Fox Shiver | Mug: “Let That Shit Go” by Estef Azevedo

Art can be a solitary venture, as can Valentine’s day for us single folks. Why not bring both parties together and have one big art party! Host a Valentine’s Day drink ‘n draw where you and your friends can make funny anti-Valentine’s Day valentines, or just get together and draw! Maybe even surprise each guest with a tee or mug with a design that has their personality written all over it. Valentine’s Day isn’t just for couples in love – it’s a day to show the people you care about that they’re important to you. So throw a party and live it up!

When in doubt, say it with a tee!

Top row: “No Limits” by John Tibbott, “I Lava You” by ilovedoodle, “The Crayfish Crush” by Owen Davey. | Bottom row: “THE DEVIL MADE ME DO IT” by BeanePod, “Champ” by Mathiole, and “Peace & Love” by Jorge Lopez Ramirez

Whether you’re getting a gift for a loved one, party favors for that drawing night with friends, or just getting something for yourself, give the day a unique sense of humor and approach. Those little Valentine’s Day cards are cute but we all throw them eventually. So say it with a tee instead! Get cutesy with couple tees for your boo. Make a bouquet of rolled up tees you know your bestie will love. Or rock your anti-Valentine’s Day sentiments for the world to see on a tee.

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