How to Style Instagram-Worthy Outfits With All Over Shirts

You’ve gotta love the all over print look on tees. All over shirts are to basic tees as Superman ice cream is to vanilla bean – a colorful twist on a classic. And if you style an all over print right, you not only have a great outfit on your hands; you’ve also boosted your street style game into Instagram-worthy territory. From pairing with neutral pants and backdrops to dressing the look up, there are a few lifehacks to use when it comes to styling sublimated tees and tanks. Here are a few tips on how to style your all over tops into fresh looks.

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Pair with neutrals and accessorize with basics

Craig rockin’ “Explosion” by Zinn, paired with a neutral backdrop and jean.

When it comes to accessorizing all over prints, basics are anything but basic. All over tees and tanks stand out – why take away from them visually? When you’re choosing the rest of your outfit (or when you’re choosing a prime background to snap a pic in front of), pair your all over shirt with neutral colors to really make it pop.

Our designer Katie rocking “Dazzle” by Eric Zelinski. Notice how she has one bright accessory + a neutral pant, and how the background also features one solid pop of color.

Pair an all over black and white print with a grey or black pant. Or, if it’s a more colorful shirt, mix it up with a neutral denim. The same goes for accessories. If you’re wearing a black and white all over print, pairing with a boldly colored plain accessory like a beanie, snapback, or dad hat makes for a solid combo.

Oversize your tees

We love how Kaycie Peterson styled “Dino” by CORSAC with rolled up sleeves and a slouchy fit. We also really want ice cream now…  (📷Kaycie’s Instagram.)

No need to conform to form-fitting tees. Instead, try buying your tees a little oversized and styling them that way. Ladies, try sizing up or, even better, buying a men’s tee size. The longer tee sleeves are perfect for rolling up. This remix on a classic look is a great way to mix up your street style. Then snap a pic and voila: you’ve set a new fashion standard for all of your followers.

Match it up

Who says clashing is a bad thing? Wearing an all over print in front of a wall painted in a similar style makes clashing stylish. Design is “RYBWWT” by James Soares.

Maybe you’re not a pair-with-neutrals kinda person. You’ve got a colorful personality that simply cannot be contained in one part of an outfit. If you’ve got a super colorful design to rock, try finding a backdrop that ties into a few of the colors you’re sporting in your threads!

Same goes for kicks! Shoes are “Oh, the Hue-Manatee” by Rachel Jaggers. (📷: @uwalau’s Instagram.)

The same goes for shoes! Check out how this Instagrammer snapped a pic of their Bucketfeet against a colorful mural filled with colors that tie into the shoe design. This is a great way to add visual interest to an image.

Dress it up

Oh hey, it’s me wearing “Polka Dots Fantasy” by Michael Cheung. Dress up your all over print tops with a nice pant or blazer!

We may be a little biased here at Threadless because, spoiler alert, we like tees. We love tees, in fact. And we say it’s time to bury the idea that a tee or tank can’t be turned into a professional look. Bury it, I say! Try pairing your all over top with a neutral, casual blazer or a nice pant (and ladies, try tucking it in) for a fun-yet-professional look.

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