“I Wish You Good Fortune in the Threadwars to Come…”

There is a (not so) secret war raging in the depths of the Threadless forums: the great Threadwars. And this year’s victor has emerged triumphant! Behold, the ultimate Threadwarrior of 2017: Jayme (@JaymeArt)! Through the merciless art trials @NDTank fearlessly hosted – Mythical Creatures, DEATH!, One Color, and Dinosaurs – Jayme won the Threadwars with the rad final design, “Retro Raptor“.

We talked to Jayme about this triumph, the inspiration behind the final design in all of its ’80s goodness, and about the rest of their submissions that secured the winning slot in this community challenge. Check it out below!

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Congrats on the big win! Is this your first year doing Threadwars?

Thank you! This was my third time playing.

What inspired this design (and all of the awesome ’80s Easter eggs in it)?

A line from an ’80s song called “Walk the Dinosaur inspired the sketch below (not the last lines, though; that song takes a dark turn). The initial sketch eventually mutated into the final design with the additional ’80s stuff.  

What other designs did you submit to Threadwars and which Threadwars challenge were you most excited about?

My other designs were Amarok, Monsters, and GrizzzlyThe ‘mythical creatures’ challenge was the most exciting for me since I’ve enjoyed reading folklore, mythology, and sci-fi for a long time. And my favorite things to draw are imaginary creatures.   

From left to right: “Amarok“, “Monsters“, and “Bear Skull (Smaller Print)” aka “Grizzzly”.

If you could bring back one retro item from the ’80s or ’90s, what would you bring back and why?

I can’t really think of anything I’d bring back unless the music counts. There is one fashion trend (shoulder pads) I hope doesn’t ever come back.

The winning Threadwars design!
Flying Fox

You have a super consistent style – what inspires your art and your ideas!

Thanks! I don’t think I even have a style. I read that I should have one because it helps to get recognized. On the other hand, I feel like changeability is freedom. Most of the art I share is inspired by animals or involves creatures of some sort.   

Do you do art for a living?  

Not at this time, but I’m hopeful.

WIP image via Instagram.

The drawings you do over photos are so cool! What’s the process of envisioning those?

Thank you! Those are fun to do. There isn’t a definable process that I’m aware of; just look at the photo and see what could be there.

Via Instagram.

What’s your artistic philosophy?   

Try new things, keep learning, have fun   

Anything else you’d like to share?

Thank you for the interview! Thanks to @NDTank for hosting Threadwars10, and congrats to all of the Threadwarriors on the amazing designs subbed in this war!   

Check out more of Jayme’s Work!

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