If You Could Visit a Planet in Our Solar System, Which Would You Visit?

If you haven’t heard of the Iron Man-esque comic book character “The Rocketeer,” he’s one worth knowing. Especially since Disney’s got a new Rocketeer adaptation just around the corner! In the original indie comic, a flight stunt man in 1938 find a mysterious prototype jet back that he then uses to fight the Nazis and to become, you guessed it, The Rocketeer.

The Rocketeer‘s schtick may not be to fly into space, but he certainly appeals to that positive, anything-is-possible sense of heroic adventure. So we asked our Rocketeer artists, if you could travel to one planet in our Solar System, which one would you travel to? 

Check out their designs and answers below! And be sure to check out the Rocketeer collection here!

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“Across the Sky” by Spek78

I would like to visit Jupiter, the biggest planet in our Solar System, to find out what lies beneath his perennial storm!


Andrea Robasto (Spek78) | Turin, Italy
“Fly High” by Mathiole

I guess I would go to Mars so I can personally find those damn aliens that insist playing hide and seek on earth.


Matheus Lopes (Mathiole) | Belo Horizonte/Brazil
“The Rocketeer” by bertomier

Planet in our Solar System that I would visit? Saturn, a planet so cool and liked that they put a ring on it. Well, four.



Alberto Mier (bertomier) | Atlanta, Ga
Test Flight” and “Sky High” by Dan Burgess

Uranus…seriously, no one wants to go because of the name, but it’s a beautiful shade of blue and probably very quiet this time of year.


Dan Burgess (DannE-B) | London

Featured image is “Rocketeer Bust Design” by Baggss

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