I’m not sure what’s crazier – the fact that it’s halfway through October already or the fact that it’s been two full weeks of Inktober! For the week two roundup of Inktober, check out some art by members of the Threadstaff as well as a few pieces by members of the Threadcommunity who commented on the last post with their work!

Have Inktober creations of your own? Whether you’ve been drawing something every day or just jumped on the Inktober train, we want to see your stuff! Leave your Inktober art in the comments for a chance to get featured in the next Inktober roundup post.

Happy drawing!

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Conrad Javier

screen-shot-2016-10-14-at-12-06-40-pm screen-shot-2016-10-14-at-12-06-33-pm screen-shot-2016-10-14-at-12-06-25-pm screen-shot-2016-10-14-at-12-06-18-pm

Via Conrad Javier’s Instagram

Betsy Lam

screen-shot-2016-10-16-at-8-21-59-pm screen-shot-2016-10-14-at-12-10-05-pm screen-shot-2016-10-16-at-8-22-37-pm

Via Magical Thinklet’s Instagram

Katie Lukes
screen-shot-2016-10-14-at-12-11-55-pm screen-shot-2016-10-14-at-12-11-30-pm


Via Katie Lukes’ Instagram

Little_g Design


Via Little_g design’s Instagram

Ville Morkki

Via Ville Morkki’s Instagram


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