Isotropic, Yousotropic, We All SO Tropic

Even for us right-brained creatives, math creeps its way into everything we do. It’s sneaky like that.

But y’know what? Math’s actually kinda rad. Because while we can’t tell you what “x” equals or why it equals anything other than just “x,” we can tell you that math can create some beautiful designs.

That’s what the inspiration behind our geometry challenge was, and Aparaat nailed it with his “Isotropics” design. We talked to Aparaat about geometry, his stunning photography, and eating sea urchins (which of these things is not like the other?) Check out his interview below!

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You’re a bit of a mystery – tell me a little about yourself! What do you do for a living? For fun? Weirdest thing you’ve ever eaten?

Phew, I’m so glad you only want to hear “a little.” :-) It’s not that I wouldn’t want to tell you more, but I’ve always found it somewhat awkward to talk about myself. My real name is David and for fun I do things that I don’t do for a living, and vice versa. As for the food, the absolutely weirdest thing I have ever eaten is probably a sea urchin (raw) sushi. An experience I don’t want to repeat, ever! And that comes from someone who absolutely adores sushi!

“The Ghost of the Mountains”

Are you a big “geometry person?” Your art and photography seems very inspired by it.

I guess you could say that. I am a geometry person of sorts, and I am fairly big as well. 

No, seriously, it’s not that I have all these formulas, theorems and rules memorized by heart, but I do love geometry. More unconsciously than consciously though. Even if I never try implementing geometry in any of my art, it always rears its symmetrical head eventually.

If things are not equally spaced out and parallel or follow some other bizarre rule I happen to see in whatever I happen to be doing, it drives me nuts!

“The Perfect Comics Formula”

What’s your favorite geometrical form or mathematical fact?

Haha, I’m not that much of a math person either really and even if I was, then only in the same sense in which I was a geometry person. I do happen to have a favourite mathematical formula though, one which I’m incidentally also the proud author of: The Perfect Comics Formula. Real shame there is no Nobel prize for mathematics :-( 

Tell me about this design! What is isotropic vector equilibrium? 


Since I probably wouldn’t be able to explain this in my own words and I would really like to avoid copy-pasting various articles here, 
I’ll just say Google either “isotropic vector equilibrium” or “Buckminster Fuller“. It really is an awesome read and anyone who’s into these things will definitely enjoy it.

As with most things in life though, I felt the whole thing wasn’t entirely perfect so I added a just a little dash of tropical flavour to it to make it slightly more exciting and appealing! :-D

What attracts you to geometrical works and minimalism?

It is probably the opposite. It is more about the general dislike for everything unnecessarily complicated, ornate, and pretentious (although it is not always as straightforward as that). Making my art minimalistic is not a goal, but a natural outcome of the whole design process.


Your style seems to have changed a lot from your first submissions! How has your style developed?

Aparaat’s earlier submissions

I’m not overly concerned about style, and by style I mean sticking to a certain look and staying consistent with it throughout all of my work. It is all very individual, as different tasks often ask for a different approach. Again, style is not a primary goal here, just a natural outcome of things. So yeah, you could be right :-).

Your photography is absolutely stunning! Is this a hobby or profession?

Thank you. Luckily, it is just a hobby of mine.

It looks like you do a lot of traveling! What’s your favorite place to visit? What’s your favorite thing to seek out when you travel?

Though it might look I am constantly on the move, the truth is, I only I take one big holiday each year and travel around three or four countries at once. It might not make much sense, but all of the countries I have ever been to are my favourite, each in their own way.

Courtesy of Aparaat’s Instagram

There’s always so much to see and experience and it really doesn’t have to be anything specific. I love nature equally as I love cities. I’m like a giant sponge that soaks up everything it comes in contact with, be it an atmosphere of a city, nature, people, customs etc. 

If all goes well this year, brace yourself for tons of photographs from Poland, Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania and Finland! :-)

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