It’s a Bird! It’s a Plane! It’s…Let’s Go Back Inside…

Ka-pow! Bam! Zap!

Those words are pretty much synonymous with “Holy [insert oddly specific noun here], Batman!” when it comes to thinking about classic comics. We may Screen Shot 2016-01-12 at 10.20.23 AMlive in the age of the comic book film. But from old comic panels to Lichtenstein’s pop-art paintings, it’s important to recognize where this genre got its start.

And our Ka-pow! Bam! Zap! challenge winner, Nicholas “Gintron” Ginty created a design that celebrates not only classic comics, but also us introverts who like to hide in our rooms and read them.

We talked to Gintron about living the NES gamer life, his artist shop, and Pluto. Check out his answers below!

Are you an introvert, extrovert, or in-betweenvert?

Pretty much textbook introvert. There are times when I have to be extroverted. It’s horrible.

I like how this shirt kind of perfectly sums up the introvert’s brain – quiet on the outside but loud on the inside. Intentional?

Absolutely! The idea was taking a super loud, action-packed classic comic ‘Ka-Blam!’ and switch it out for something opposite. I thought the word “Introvert” was perfect as it also came across as a dope hero name…I. Am. INTROVERT! (Who would then proceed to retreat to his modest condo to “recharge.”)

“NES Cartridge Love”

Pumpkin Protest, Inside Out, Cartridge Love, All Day Breakfast, now this! You’ve had a pretty good winning streak so far! How does it feel?

Oh man! Basically like this:


Feeling very lucky, huge thank you to everyone who voted, commented or funded.

What are your 2016 art goals?

“Stay Hubble”

Getting some Threadless prints would be amazing! I really want a collaboration print with goliath72 (We can do it Daniel! I know it!) Also, I have an ambitious collaborative project to pursue. Keep an eye out on the forum for that soon!

Are you a big fan of the classic comic style that inspired this design?

I dig old pulp comic prints, halftones, off-set muted colours, etc. Retro awesome. Design stuff aside, I also got into some comics in high school (’90s) – The “Maxx,” “Bone,” “Spawn.” Good times.

Why did you decide to open a Threadless artist shop?

I was getting some positive feedback on my submissions (even when they weren’t print-worthy) and I thought my designs might find happy homes on some happy torsos around the world. And that’s super cool.

“Old Gamer”

NES Cartridge Love, NES hipster, Old Gamer…I take it you’re a bit of an NES fan?

Indeed! I’m a big retro gaming nerd. Faxanadu for NES!? Amazing. Though SNES is my favourite console. I tend to bring up my 1991 Nintendo championship win whenever possible (loved that Bulls jacket).


I was also greatly influenced by the old point-and-click adventure games through the ’90s, Sierra On-Line specifically. Quest for Glory, Space Quest, Police Quest…Retro gamers like myself are a proud bunch, and willing to show it by sporting wicked awesome t-shirts!

What inspires you?

Artist-wise, retro illustration, Threadless artists, space, music, space music (Lunar Testing Lab – check it out!). I’m also into silkscreen prints and enjoy buying cool stuff from Nobrow Press, stuff like that. Life-wise, it’s my beautiful wife and two boys (I love you Jayne, Liam and Ollie!)


What’s your creative process?

Ideas can come from anywhere, usually while driving to or from work. Then it might be a series of rough (sometimes very rough) thumbnails.


If I still find the idea solid after a couple of days I’ll scan it into my iPad and start drawing.

IMG_0430 IMG_0431

Once I’m happy with that, it’s off to the desktop for Photoshop time! Ta-da!

“Mage Preesh”

Pluto – fairly demoted or unfairly?

Poor Pluto! Fairly demoted though. We had to draw a line between planets and dwarf planets. The nail in the coffin is probably the elliptical orbit, you just gotta be on the solar plane. Sorry, Pluto; it’s just a title, little guy. Don’t sweat it.


How long have you been submitting designs to Threadless? What was your first win?629234-e060ea7992661cfdf45a9f0c8a4b5420

I started just over a year ago with a design I made for my oldest son Liam and his pediatrician. Liam had Kawasaki disease that was diagnosed by his pediatrician, thus potentially saving his life. I thought of it as a bit of art therapy to create a cool illustration of a Kawasaki motorcycle. It then also seemed like a pretty cool t-shirt, so I submitted it to Threadless.

After that didn’t really do well, I thought, Well, I should do something that would totally be up Threadless’ alley. So I created “Old Gamer” – my second submission, first print, and best seller!

How has your style developed?

I started to venture into different styles of design, at times working only in Illustrator and photoshop with no hand drawn elements at all! Fun! I’m racking up some sweet experience points here! Eager to level up soon, wish me luck!


Check Out Gintron’s Artist Shop Here!

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