We’ve brought four classic Threadless designs back from the dead with some scary little haikus. The ancient Japanese poetic form is the perfect way to express that timeless oh-my-god-it’s-actually-eating-my-brain horror of the season.

Read these chilling poems, then go look at every Threadless design ever and share your own haiku for one in the comments below by 12 PM (CT) on October 30th. (Don’t forget to put the image in there too!) Our favorite will win a $25 gift code!

“Happiness Is Fleeting” by Kerry Callen

Hope appears, shiny
Joy within your grasp; and then
Floats just out of reach


“Jack-O-Full Moon” by Marvin Pedro

Rising, bats flutter
Bare branches, like bones, clutching
You just pooped your pants


Tree Spirits” by dale

Darkness falls early
Screams in branches amplified
Restless ghosts see all


“Death Is Random” by Nacho Diaz

Our puny stage, earth
Unseen hands man the controls
Dude—death from above

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Alan Spindle

Guest writer/editor/blogger at Threadless.