Kaijune is a Monstrously Fun Summer Art Challenge

What’s your favorite Kaiju? The classic Godzilla? The creature in Cloverfield? Perhaps the very aptly named Kaiju sea monsters in Pacific Rim? Whatever your favorite “strange beast” might be, “Kaijune” is the perfect time to go back and revisit it! This monstrous 30-day art challenge was created by Riley Phillips – a Character Designer at Warner Bros. Animation Studios – and encourages creatives to draw a new creature (or their take on a classic creature) every day of the month. And our nerdy artsy selves have definitely had kaijus on the brain. Between your Pride month festivities, check out a few cool Kaiju designs that came from beneath the sea in this creature feature…aka from the brains of a few awesome artists.

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Kaijune - Monsters Fight Club

“Monsters Fight Club” by Ilustrata

Kaijune - A Day in the Life

“A Day in the Life” by Anna-Maria Jung

Kaijune - Kaiju battle play

“Kaiju Battle Play” by Pigboom Kaboom

Kaijune - I Kaiju

“I Kaiju” by SadSalesman

Kaijune - The Great Ramen

The Great Ramen Off Kanagawa” by Ilustrata

Kaijune - Lamonstre

“Lamonstre” by Derin Ciler

Kaijune - Ice Cream Kaiju

“Ice Cream Kaiju” by Ilustrata

Kaijune - Attack of the Cutest Monster

“Attack of the Cutest Monster” by Nana Dalla Porta

Kaijune - Fartzilla

“Fartzilla” by FatMax

Kaijune - The Great Monster Off Kanagawa

“The Great Monster Off Kanagawa” by Michael Buxton

Kaijune - Clean Monster

“Clean Monster” by Jean-Sebastien Deheeger

Kaijune - The Monster

“The Monster” by Anna-Maria Jung

Kaijune - City of Monster

“City of Monster” by Nils Gerheim

Kaijune - Tokyo Kaiju

“Tokyo Kaiju” by Pigboom Kaboom

Kaijune - Burgerzilla

“Burgerzilla” by Ilustrata

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