Ladies: What Makes a Great Mother’s Day Gift?

Mother’s Day is just around the corner. And in case you read that and went, “ohhhh crap, I forgot!” don’t worry – there’s still more than enough time to get your mom a gift she’ll love.

But what do you even get to celebrate the woman who brought you into this world? We asked a few of the ladies of Threadless what makes an awesome Mother’s Day gift. Let them be your gift guides into the realm that is Mother’s Day shopping:

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“Taco Eclipse of the Heart” by David Olenick

It’s all about finding something to make Mom smile – whether it’s something that brings color to her life, a giggle to her day, or shows you’re thinking about her. Inside jokes or something that recalls a moment you shared together is a great way of showing your appreciation (Hey Mom, Remember that time we took that donut making class together?)



Brianne, Community Experience Director
“Flux” by Chuck Pavoni

From my husband, I don’t need much: pretty flowers, a card, and brunch. From my little boy, a good hug and a drawing.



Betsy, Senior Front End Engineer
The Melting” by Joe Van Wetering | “You Are My Universe” by Lim Heng Swee

Well, I still get a warm fuzzy feeling from any gift or love my daughter shares with me. I am pretty sure I always will. She can give me a used pencil, and I’d melt and think it’s the funniest gift ever! But for gifts, I’d say go check on what your mom likes recently. Did you notice she has Vera Bradley purse (all of a sudden) – go with a beautiful flower/fruit/nature pattern print toteIn any case – I think as a mom I would appreciate something that says, “I love you, and I pay attention to what you like.”



Masha, Help Team Ambassador
“Let’s Go Surfing” by dandingeroz


I love anything that comes from the heart – pictures, collages, hand made crafts or even a day at the spa!


Screen Shot 2016-04-22 at 12.47.26 PM
“A-Z Art History” by Enkel Dika & Evan Ferstenfeld


My mom is an artist and art teacher, so art-related books and supplies are always easy to get for her. Luckily we have a lot of the same interests, so usually whenever I see something I like, I know she’ll like it too.


Betsy, Help Team Ambassador

Designs in featured image from left to right: “Funky Polka Dots” (tote) by Ale M | “Air Jesus” by Josephray |”Banana Eating Lion” by TripperJack | “Deal With it” by John Tibbott

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