Looks of the Con: Our Favorite Cosplay From C2E2!

Party on, Darth! Who says nerds don’t throw the coolest parties? We just wrapped up a weekend at the Chicago Comic and Entertainment Expo where we threw a party of our own and had a booth with Heavy Metal Magazine + Dark Matter Coffee! And that booth was a lot like having a front row ticket to a weekend-long cosplay runway show, because when it comes to cosplay in the Windy City? C2E2 is the best in the midwest.

From cosplay to some of our favorite geeky Threadless tees, here are just a few of our favorite looks from the convention!

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Besides seeing some amazing costumes, there was some serious Threadspotting going on at C2E2 2017! We love seeing Threadless tees out in the wild, especially the geeky ones (*cough cough* like these!) Here are a few Threadless designs we caught at the con!

‘Marko’ from Saga rocking “No More Bento” by Mikael Leger.

Murder” by Mike Mitchell.

Surprise threadtwinning! “CTHUL-AID” and “GHOUL-AID” shirts from Beastwreck’s Artist Shop.

Ninjesus” by Mathiole & Hafaell Pereira.

AnimeChicago Crest” from the Anime Chicago Artist Shop!

YOL[infinity]” from the Wicked & Divine Artist Shop.

Solar System” by aparaat.

MTN LP” by NDTank.

And of course, we saw some pretty amazing cosplay all weekend at C2E2 too! Check out some of our favorites!

Mermaid man and THE DIRTY BUBBLE!!
Hellboy and, of course, the sassiest of all corpses Ivan Klimatovich.
An awesome modern Riddler.
“Howdy, neighbor!” Comic conventions aren’t just about geeky cosplay. Exhibit A: Wilson from Home Improvement (thanks, lxromero!)
Just your average genius billionaire playboy philanthropist.
Over The Garden Wall!
An appearance by THE Juandissimo Magnifico from Fairly Odd Parents!
“Ramonaaaa on my miiiind” – an awesome Ramona Flowers came to our booth straight out of Scott Pilgrim vs The World.
Mojo Jojo and Him!
“Cosplay, uh, finds a way!” Show of hands for seeing Jurassic Park reenacted with this costume (thanks lxromero!)
Rose Quartz from Steven Universe plus Tank Girl, aka the badass combination I never knew I needed (thanks again, lxromero!)
Mabel Pines and our very own lxromero as Dipper from Gravity Falls.
Squirtle squad goals.

Did you see some amazing cosplay at C2E2? Or do you have some amazing cosplay pics to share from past conventions? Share ’em in the comments!

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