Make It Real: Threadless Community in Action

The Threadless Community is always up to something. Whether it’s uploading amazing or absurd designs that bring us serious joy, or it’s raising money for incredible charities, our community accomplishes amazing feats all the time. Every day, artists and fans all over the globe do great things to support our community’s quest to Make It Real. That means taking a creative seed and helping it grow into something tangible that we’re all proud to wear or display in our homes. It’s taking an idea and seeing it through. It’s saying you’re going to do something and actually doing it.

Okay, cool. But why am I here?

If you’re an artist, consider this your home for creative inspiration, product updates, and helpful resources, including ways you can shape and grow your Artist Shop.

If you’re a fan, this is where you can be even more connected to artists in the community and discover what’s new, from top-sellers to new products for expressing your individuality. You’ll also see how your dollar helps elevate both artists and communities in need.

Sounds great! Take me to…

Start a Free Online StoreMake a Difference in the World with Threadless CausesWhat’s New?Trending Now at ThreadlessNew Artist Shops FeaturesNeed Inspiration? Submit to Our Design Challenges!Building a Safer, More Inclusive Community


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Make a Difference in the World with Threadless Causes

Threadless Causes is a community-wide effort to raise money for nonprofit organizations doing critical work around the globe. When you purchase Causes designs, participating artists donate a portion of their proceeds to a Cause and charity of their choice. Then, Threadless matches their donation. Causes range from Racial Injustice to Humanitarian Aid.

Since Threadless Causes launched in 2020, the Threadless community has reached some incredible fundraising milestones. A big THANK YOU to all participating artists and everyone who’s supported causes-based designs!

Causes Stats
Causes Charities

To join our fundraising efforts, find an artist you love, a Cause you believe in, and a charity you support. Then shop with purpose! Or, if you’re an artist, learn how to set up Causes in your Artist Shop today.


What’s New?

Threadless began as an online art community and T-Shirt company more than 20 years ago. While tees are still among our top-sellers, our selection has grown to include a vast array of apparel, accessories, and home decor.

Our catalog constantly evolves so artists can showcase their creativity in unique ways and continue to grow their art business. Take a look at some of the recent changes and additions to the Threadless product lineup.

Size Inclusivity
Exclusive Threadless Products
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Trending Now at Threadless

We’ve partnered with hundreds of thousands of artists over the last 20 years, promoting their art to millions of fans around the world. Many of those artists have become hugely successful, and some have even started their own companies. Meet the top-selling Threadless artists today and see why their art captures the imaginations of so many fans across the globe.

Top 3 Bestselling Artists

Noodle Official
Steven Rhodes
Nathan W. Pyle

What Artists Have to Say

“Print on demand puts our customers in control and offer them an incredible variety of products — we love that about our Artist Shop!”

I Heart Guts

“Setting up your Artist Shop is a breeze! Uploading your work and selecting products is a straightforward process, and there are plenty of tools for shop customization and promotion. And you can always tap into the chat feature/artist help team for assistance.”

Hillary White Rabbit

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New Artist Shops Features

For those who aren’t familiar with Artist Shops, it’s a Threadless–powered platform where independent artists can build and run their own customizable online merch store. It only takes minutes to upload designs and sell them on hundreds of high-quality, print-to-order products. Plus, Artist Shops is completely free to use!

Behind the scenes, the Threadless Team is always building new features to improve the Artist Shops experience for both shop owners and their customers. Here are some of the latest features.

New Artist Shops Features
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Need Inspiration? Submit to Our Design Challenges!

From the very beginning of Threadless, Design Challenges have been a huge part of what makes our vastly diverse community such a hoot for everyone. Themed challenges are an entertaining way for artists to step out of their comfort zones, overcome creative blocks, and get inspired. Oh, and winners receive cash prizes, gift cards, and more!

Read more about the current Design Challenges and score your favorite designs to improve their chances of winning. If you’re an artist, we look forward to seeing your submissions! There are ALWAYS surprises.

Racial Justice
Noodle No Bones
Submit Your Designs

Building a Safer, More Inclusive Community

Our goal is to give the creative minds of the world opportunities to make and sell great art. In order to achieve that, we measure against our values and evaluate whether it aligns with our mission and represent who we are as a company. With an emphasis on inclusivity and our community, we recently updated our Values and outlined our new Community Safety and Anti-Hate Policies.

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