Meet Our Biggest ThreadFan: Marilisa!

There are three things we love most here at Threadless:

1: Art
2: Cats and (or in) space
3: Our amazing artist community!

Our artist community is what makes Threadless, well, Threadless! Whether screen-shot-2016-09-14-at-1-39-04-pmit’s on our website or in our new Artist Shops, without YOU? There would be no us. And there’s one member of our creative fam who deserves a big shoutout.

Marilisa “maRiLisa” d’Angiò (left) is without a doubt our biggest Threadfan, and we love her as much as she loves Threadless tees! This talented illustrator specializing in adorable art – and winner of our our Dial-a-Muse contest earlier this year – came all the way from Italy to visit us here in Chicago for the Threadless reunion.

We hung out with Marilisa and talked to her about her amazing travels, her art, and about her journey to Threadless! Get to know this amazing human – check out the interview below!

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I think it’s safe to say you’re one of our biggest Threadfans! When did you first get involved with Threadless?

Totally it is! It was five years ago when a friend of mine shared with me her first order on Threadless.com, so I bought my first t-shirt. At that time I had just finished studying illustration at the European Institute of Design, so I was immediately intrigued by such a creative world and I decided to join.

Marilisa wearing “North” by Brent Schoepf
Marilisa on her first day visiting Threadless! (via Marilisa’s Instagram)

Tell us a little bit about yourself! Where are you from? What do you do? What’s your favorite kind of dessert?

Black cherry topped cheesecake and tiramisu for sure! I usually spend my time in a small town on the sea between Rome and Naples, doodling, smiling, walking, and hugging cute things. Or watching ’80s and ’90s cartoons and TV shows. I love vintage stuff, fat hairy cats and any kind of flowered items. I’m a licorice sticks devourer and the best moment of the day is when I’m wearing skates on the seafront at the sunset.

So you flew out here from Italy to see us, which is pretty amazing! Tell me about
your trip! 

Exactly! Someone has defined me “crazy kid.”

This is my first time in the US! Super exciting! I’m in Chicago since August the 26th. I was in San Francisco before, for one month, living the ‘California dreaming,’ you know…I took a ride on a bicycle through the Golden Gate Bridge back and forth in a typical foggy and cold windy day! What an amazing adventure! “Keep dreaming” is my motto in this period (also the hashtag I’m using the most under the pictures I’m posting) and it’s all I’m doing.

The Threadless tees Marilisa packed for her HQ visit! “Life” by lxromero, “Everyone Poops” by ilovedoodle, “Hugs Keep us Alive” by ilovedoodle,  “The Melting” by Joe Van Wetering, “Group Hug” by Mellin Paulo Bernardo, “Art and Meow” by Elly Liyana, “Myth Understood” by David Olenick, and the Threadless logo tee! (via Marilisa’s Instagram)

That’s amazing! What’s been your favorite place to visit so far?

Definitely the best place to work for artists; very cozy, bright and inspirational. Chicago is an incredible city! I can safely say I’m already in love! I’m sure, one year would not be enough to see everything the Windy City offers. By the way, The Art Institute was the first place I visited…Omg! I was finally standing in front of my favorite painting: “Nighthawks” by Edward Hopper.

Sunrise shenanigans yesterday morning with @murdamex @jeffguerrero @insta_rili and random zen dude

A video posted by Craig Shimala (@cshimala) on

Moreover, I’ve really enjoyed dancing goofily during the sunrise on North Beach with some Threadfriends…that skyline view is so magic! An experience I’ll never forget.

I think I already know the answer, but what made you decide to take the trip out here!

You, of course! I was waiting for the 10th Threadless Reunion since last year I couldn’t make it. So, I planned a super trip in order to stay as long as possible, as it would be my first time in the US (that’s exciting in itself). I also like to say that I was pretty scared of flying, because I had taken a plane only once; instead my flight was great! Aaah, the willpower…

One of Marilisa’s adorable pieces of art (via Marilisa’s Instagram)

You’re a pretty amazing artist too! I love your designs! How would you describe your style? What inspires you?

Marilisa signing some of her art while wearing “Everyone Poops” by ilovedoodle! (via Marilisa’s Instagram)

Thank you!!! I can’t define my style…I love doodling dumb cute stuff! Putting face, arms, and legs on everything haha And I never know how to answer the question what inspires me as an artist; I mean I have always had an inquisitive and curious mind. Exploring hidden areas, visiting museums and galleries as much as possible, and traveling has always intrigued me. I’m definitely keeping an eye out for other contemporary illustrators, and keep on learning from the great artists from the past, of course.

Anything else?

Thank you so much, Carlyn! This interview means a lot to me. The Family Reunion was awesome! Unforgettable; I lived a dream…Love you, guys! Thanks again, Threadless!


In the featured image, Marilisa is wearing “The Melting” by Joe Van Wetering

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