Meet the Young Artist Who Totally Won Shark Week

Sharks are the coolest. Kids know it, adults know it, sharks probably even know it (especially during Shark Week). And one of the runner-ups of our Keep Sharks Swimming challenge with the Shedd Aquarium goes to show that, just like creativity, a love of these creatures and wanting to protect them starts at an early age. Meet one of the youngest artists ever printed for a Threadless challenge, Isaac!

Isaac may be just 12 years old, but judging by his art skills, you would think you were looking at the work of a seasoned graphic designer. He started drawing at the age of two (!) and – fittingly for this challenge – is super interested in marine biology, diving into (no pun intended) every sea life book he can find. And naturally, he loves sharks (specifically the Zebra Bullhead shark).

Sharks Make the Ocean Go Around” – Isaac’s featured design in the Shedd Aquarium’s Artist Shop from WIP sketch to the finished product!

This year for Shark Week, Chicago’s Shedd Aquarium hosted a design challenge on Threadless to fill the Shedd’s Artist Shop with awesome shark designs, all of which donate to the Shedd’s research efforts and help sharks (& ocean creatures) all over the world. And Isaac’s was one of three runner-ups chosen to be featured in the Shop. (Check out the winning artist of the challenge – Adena Jooste –  and the beautiful all-over pattern she created!)

[Being a runner-up means] a lot because I’ve never had my art online and it’s an aquarium and I love aquariums.

– Isaac

This design was inspired by a trip to Hawaii that Isaac went on this year, where – like a true artist – he was inspired by the artwork he saw around him. With the encouragement of his mom – a graphic designer of 18 years and no doubt where this guy gets his creative skills – who helped get his design digitized and print-ready, Isaac created one of the designs you can buy in support of the Shedd and ocean conservation.

Isaac’s design on just a few products. See more in the Shop!

Isaac’s story just goes to show that creativity and passion for the world around us can start at a young age. It’s a good example of why encouraging the younger generation to be creative and to care about our world is important; they can make a huge difference.

We think this design is pretty cool, and we think Isaac is pretty cool for making it. Check out his design and the other incredible designs in the Shedd Aquarium Artist Shop, and help support an awesome cause!

Support the Shedd Aquarium’s shop!

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