Missed Out on Submitting to Our Heavy Metal Challenge? Good News!

Did our Heavy Metal Challenge coming to an end get you all bummed?

Well good news! The sheer AWESOME of your submissions and of the Heavy Metal challenge itself could not be contained. So we’re extending the challenge by a week! 


In case you have yet to be exposed to the epicness that is Heavy Metal, let us be your guide. This isn’t the “\m/” kind of heavy metal you might headbang to. This is for Heavy Metal Magazine – the sci-fi and fantasy magazine that has been bringing us geeky news and art (including the likes of Moebius, HR Giger, and Phillipe Bruillett to name a few) since ’77.

One of the things Heavy Metal is best known for is their amazing covers – illustrated by different artists to bring the best of the best sci-fi/fantasy art right to your mail slot. And that’s what this challenge is all about!

We even have a few guest judges from Heavy Metal who we think are pretty up to the challenge – pun totally intended: Grant Morrison (Batman author, nbd), Kevin Eastman (co-creator of Teenage Mutant Ninja TurtlesNBD) and Heavy Metal‘s co-CEO and president Jeff Krelitz and Brian Witten.

If you want to see your fantasy and sci-fi art grace the cover of the ultimate monthly sci-fi and fantasy art gallery and magazine, say the words with me: “challenge accepted…

Click here to learn more about the challenge!

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