From Mountains to Prairies to Beaches, What’s Your Favorite Natural Landscape to Visit?

Over the mountains? Through the woods? No matter how “to Grandma’s house you go,” there are a million different beautiful landscapes our world has to offer. You don’t even have to be an outdoorsy person to have a favorite natural environment!

In honor of the beautifully nature-y designs we’re launching this week, we asked our artists: from mountains, to prairies, to beaches or jungles, what’s your favorite natural landscape to go to? 

Check out what they had to say below! Have a favorite earthly place to visit? Leave it in the comments!

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“Wild Shapes” by InkCreatives

I prefer mountains, because of their  natural landscape like a paint flow over in a painting, a layered segments of colors & geometric shapes that makes eye catching sceneries like my design, “WILD SHAPES.”


Agimat Ni Ingkong (INKCREATIVES) | Mandaue City, Cebu Philippines
“Act Natural” by Gintron

Oh man! The forest! Under the glorious forest canopy, in scrumptious shade! Wind through leaves, cicadas and birds – I love it. To the forests!


Nicholas Ginty (Gintron)
“Archelon” by Mellin Paulo Bernardo

I really enjoy almost all sorts of natural landscapes. It always brings me a new perspective after visiting them. I remember being excited, nervous, overwhelmed, fearful, and happy while stepping on the dirt-covered leaves of the vast woods.



Mellin Paulo Bernardo | Siniloan, Laguna, Philippines
“Dark Mystery Peak Woods” by Philipp Rietz

I think I’m more the beach guy. I really like the vibe and spirit of the ocean, the smell of the air. Also I really like all kinds of water activities – I never left the house without my skateboard in my youth. And even if my Artist Name implies something with Bugs, you can’t get with me in the Jungle – I have horrible panic in front of big insects.



Philipp Rietz | Saalfeld, Germany
“C’est La Vie” by rhinosserossy

Cool creeks during hot summers.



Ross Bruggink (rhinosserossy)

Featured image is “Dark Roses” by Marcos Navarro

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