Name It: The Strangest Art Form You’ve Tried

We like getting weird. Our artists like getting weird. Everyone likes getting weird. Right? And sometimes, weirding it up means just means trying out some weird stuff. You know, stretching out of your comfort zone, right into weirdness territory. To celebrate weirdness in all its goodness, we decided to explore the individual weirdness behind the artists of next week’s new tees by asking them to name the strangest or most unique art form they’ve ever dared to try. Ready, set, get weird!

“The Great Godzilla off Kanagawa”

When I was a kid, I was absolutely obsessed with stop-motion animation. It was my destiny to master the art. I painstakingly constructed a crude dinosaur made out of wire and play-doh and borrowed my parent’s video camera to create my first masterpiece. After about five frames, I decided it was the most boring thing in the world and I’d be better leaving it to the professionals.

-DinoMike, Kettering, Northamptonshire, United Kingdom


I can’t really say I’ve tried anything out of the ordinary, but this question has inspired me. I’m gonna make my next Threadless design with a garden hose, some shoe laces, and a tin of dog food. I’m not even sure if I’m joking or not.

– Tony Riff, London, United Kingdom

“T-Rex Tries Yoga”

Performance art! When I was still in high school, we had a big project with an art school from France. We divided into groups, brainstormed some performance pieces (usually with liberal and left political views), and performed them unannounced in the middle of my hometown in Graz, Austria. I was so nervous and excited, and we had almost no idea what we were doing.

– Anna-Maria Jung, Graz, Austria


I rarely use strange or unique art forms… more traditional forms of art, like graphics, watercolor, oil, and digital art.

– Alexander Medvedev, Odintsovo, Moscow, Russia

“Tree Spirits”

A morbid, deathly cartoon illustrative style with a colourful twist.

– Dale, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

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