Nap Like a Pro With These Sleepy Designs

Life is backwards. When we’re kids, napping seems like a punishment. But as adults, naps are a luxury. A favorite hobby, one might even say. The plus side of being considered “grown-ups” is that we can make our own grown-up decisions, and that includes choosing to go all out with snooze gear. After all, if you’re going to build a cozy blanket fortress of solitude you might as well do it right and get designs that create the most nap-worthy space possible. It’s always the right time for a little shut-eye – don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. Here are 13 sleepy designs to surround yourself with to create the ultimate nap space. Snag them while blankets, wovens, pillows, and duvets are all 40% off!

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Snoozer” by Ian Byers

Eugh…Mondays” by Aaron Jay

A Cloudy Nightby Lili Batista

Quiet Night” by Steven Rhodes

Let That Shit Go” by EstefAzevedo

Whatever” by Mathiole

Sloth Stripe” by Kellabell9

Sushi” by Benjamin Ang

Nap Time, All the Time” by Nan Lawson

CSS Animals: Sloth” by Florent Bodart

Pi-Sloth-Tes” by Aaron

Mornings Suck” by Michael Buxton

Not Today” by Fox Shiver

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