New Pillows: It’s Hip To Be Square!

Living rooms, rejoice! Tons of your favorite Threadless designs are now available on super-comfy throw pillows. Mix and match images and sizes to bring your furniture to life!*


*Threadless is not responsible if your furniture literally comes alive.


All our pillows feature a double-sided print and a concealed zipper, so they always looks just right on your couch, no matter how many times you flip them over to the cooler side.

1272x920pillows_01-5You can get pillows with fun trees!

You can get pillows with (deep voice) serious, moody trees! 1272x920pillows_01-4 You can get pillows with beatle-ish bugs that live in all kinds of trees!

Every design comes in five sizes and is made of 100% spun polyester. They all come preloaded with software—aka cushiony pillow inserts—and are tidily enclosed with that sneaky concealed zipper!


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Alan Spindle

Guest writer/editor/blogger at Threadless.