On Wednesdays We Wear Threadless

“This is my shirt. There are many like it but this one is mine.”

Whether it’s at Wandawega or the Threadless HQ, we have a habit of coming to work accidentally matching shirts with someone else. A lot. And that’s the beauty of graphic tees – when someone shows up wearing the same thing, you don’t go, “well one of us is going to have to change.”

Instead, it’s more like this:


We know that some of you have made a tradition of Threadtwinning, as we call it. So we wanted to show you our Threads!

If you have a shirt that matches one of these, or if you and a friend/family member/some stranger you made prolonged eye contact with on the sidewalk are matching, leave a pic in the comments below! And join us. One of us. ONE OF US.

Monsters in my Cortex” (members only) by Jean Jullien
NTNL PRKS” by Ross Zietz
Sugar Skull” by Trevor Mark Farnell Ede



Power to the Peanuts” by John MacDougall

And the winner of our Threadless staff shirt popularity contest is “Yosemite” by Andy Smith. It’s a weird day when at least one person isn’t wearing this shirt.





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