One of Chicago’s Coolest Timelapsers is One of Our Own

Ahh, Instagram. Home of food pics, FOMO, and crappy iphone pictures of the super blood moon that look more like a broken pixel in the sky.

Spectacular. Literally SPECKtacular because it’s a freakin’ speck.

But at its little app heart, Instagram is also an awesome way for professional photographers and artists to have a gallery full of their stuff without dropping bucks on renting a space or pulling a Banksy.

The ACME hotel in Chicago brought these online galleries to life IRL.

For Chicago Artist Appreciation month, ACME – aka Chi’s coolest hotel – by featuring and selling the work of some of Chicago’s most popular and influential Instagrammers; one of which works right here at Threadless!

Check out more of Craig’s awesome work on his Instagram!

Craig Shimala is our awesome Multimedia Director by day and Instagrammer/time-lapser @CSHIMALA by night…well, and day…and afternoon, Instagram is always.

Time-lapse in a frame…dare I say, it’s even cooler than holographic pokemon cards.

Craig took real life InstaArt to a whole new level by literally capturing a time-lapse video in a frame. For ACME’s Insta-gallery, he printed several of his timelapse videos as “physical lenticular prints”, which is fancy-speak for “a picture that moves when you tilt it back and forth.”

In other words, it’s the real-life gif we only thought possible in Harry Potter‘s “The Daily Prophet.”

From time-lapse in a frame, to a cool video of our Wandawega trip, we think Craig’s a pretty cool dude.

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