People Are Making BB8 Pumpkins, And They’re Adorable

There are really just two things we know for sure about Star Wars: The Force Awakens: 

1: It’s a Star Wars movie

2: BB8 is freakin’ adorable.

This little “R2D2-on-a-soccer-ball” rolled straight into our hearts. And yet, whether or not The Force Awakens lives up to the hype, BB8 has left its pop-culture mark on everything from giant plushies to tiny robots.

And now? On pumpkins.

(durianpeet, wadewillsun)

Disney rolled out (pun totally intended) this DIY video showing how to make your very own pumpkin BB8 just in time for Halloween.

If you couldn’t tell, we appreciate some good old fashioned pumpkin art. And BB8 is totally the pumpkin-droid we were looking for.


But it’s been even cooler seeing the people of Instagram innovating their own take on the BB8-‘o-lantern.

(thesuperherostuff, ashlee317)
(collarsbylizzy, cathymo13)

And not just pumpkins, either – fancy cakes also make really good droids.


At this point, I’m half convinced that Star Wars: The Force Awakens wasn’t made to be a movie, but is actually the greatest marketing tool for the best line of toys and creative opportunities ever.

And B-Bae-8 is earning a place right up there with cats when it comes to internet popularity…or in some cases, is literally right up next to cats.

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