Pick a Card: A Tarot Reading for the Artist!

We all have different go-tos when we’re looking for answers in life. Our friends, our horoscopes, WebMD turning a simple cough into “you have two days to live.” But personally, I’ve been exploring a more mystical way of looking for guidance: tarot cards! 

Tarot cards are equal parts fun to look at (because the art is usually amazing), fun to whip out at parties, and comforting to do when you’re not sure what to do in life. They don’t predict the future, they tell you where you’re at in life and literally ‘what’s in the cards’ for you currently, like the sorting hat of life.

Everyone reads tarot differently, and one way to use tarot is to apply the meaning of each card to aspects of your life, especially when it comes to creativity! So if you’re looking for a little creative guidance, look no further: here are a few tarot card designs from Artist Shops, what they mean, and how to apply them to your artistic skills! 

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The Hermit Black Edition

The Hermit

What does it mean: As an introvert, this is easily my favorite card to pull. The Hermit reflects that you’re in a period of your life where it’s ok and encouraged to take some solitary time – you’re looking inward to understand yourself away from outside influences, and for that, you need some “you time”, and that’s ok.

How to bring it into your creativity: The Hermit comes to mind when I know I’ve been stretching myself too thin and letting my own art fall by the wayside, or when I realize that I’ve been letting outside art styles or opinions affect my work. Bring The Hermit into your art by embracing a little solitude to re-discover your own creative voice. Take some time to yourself to do some independent work BY yourself, and don’t feel guilty for it.

“‘The Star’ Tarot Card

The Star

What does it mean: The Star is a super shiny and positive card to get. It can mean you’re at a point in your life where courage and inspiration are blossoming. Maybe you’ve just triumphed through a rough time, or maybe you’re just feelin’ extra positive, but you’re at a point where you can look at yourself in the mirror and say, “the self-esteem and self-trust are strong with this one.”

How to bring it into your creativity: This is an awesome card to bring to mind when you need a bit of a confidence boost. Remind yourself that you. Are. Awesome. You are good at what you do; trust that you have the skills and vision and talent to really crush it at your craft. Trust your talent and your vision, and don’t let doubt hold you back.

Original Illustrated Tarot Cards: The High Priestess

The High Priestess

What does it mean: As somebody who way overpacks their schedule, this is another favorite of mine! The High Priestess is a reminder to slowwww down a little. You might be a little too eager to have all the answers right now. The HP reminds us to slow down and really listen to our own intuition because that’s where solutions to our current problems live – we just need to access them.

How to bring it into your creativity: Maybe you’re frustrated with where your artistic skill set is, or maybe you’re experiencing a little creative block. Now is the time to look inward a bit, slow down from the frustration and potential creative block panic, and look within yourself for inspiration. And remember: practice makes perfect. Your skill set might not be exactly where you want it to be, but you must remember to embrace the artistic process.

“‘The World’ Tarot Card

The World

What does it mean: You’re feeling like you’re sitting on top of the wor–well, you get it! The world card often shows that you’ve reached the end of a journey or cycle (in a good way!), and it’s time to celebrate that!

How to bring it into your creativity: Perhaps you just finished a massive project, or comic, or new style of illustration. Whatever the case, you’re feelin’ pretty good! Take a little time to celebrate this and bask in your achievement, but also look at this as a new opportunity! Now you’re open to a new cycle starting; maybe it’s a new project, maybe it means trying a new artistic medium, maybe it means taking a class to learn something new, or teaching one – The World is (kind of literally) yours!

The Magician

The Magician

What does it mean: Much like a magician conjures up tricks, The Magician card is a sign that you’re at a point in your life where you’re very capable of making something amazing happen, especially creatively. You’ve got a full steam ahead attitude right now and it’s time to use it!

How to bring it into your creativity: Get creative. Bring The Magician into your creative life by listening to that inner urge of “I’m feeling creative!” and running with it. Start a creative project right now and embrace the can-do artistic attitude; if you have a project you’ve been thinking of starting, now is the time. (Inktober is perfect for this!)

‘Strength’ Tarot Card


What does it mean: the Strength card is extremely empowering. Not only does it show that you currently have the maturity, experience, and ability to handle life’s obstacles, but it shows that you’ve gotten here because you’ve overcome a lot and have worked on yourself a lot as well. You’ve learned to be compassionate to others, but most of all to yourself.

How to bring it into your creativity: Tap into the inner confidence you’ve developed towards your own work. Where in the past you may have gotten frustrated that you’re not where you want to be creatively, you now have the ability and knowledge to be kind to and patient with yourself with the knowledge that through any block or creative struggle, things will improve. Embrace that and don’t be afraid to get ambitious with your work knowing that art is a process.

Discover more amazing designs here!

Featured image is “Neon Fortune Teller Palm Tarot Reader” from Casper Spell’s Artist Shop.

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