Pssst…Don’t Forget Mother’s Day!

The mother of all holidays is this weekend! No, not Civil War coming out…although that is kind of like Christmas in May.

Mother’s Day this Sunday is just around the corner. And if you forgot, never fear! We won’t tell, and we’ve got ideas for how you can build the perfect (Wo)man cave for your Mom, and some ideas for what makes the perfect Mother’s Day gift.

But if you need a few more brainstorms for Mother’s Day, check out what some of us had to say about our Threadmoms!

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“Cool Mom” by Evelyne van den Broek

Pinpointing a specific memory is hard, my mom has been around pretty much literally all my life. I remember she used to come along to my school when I was little and she would bring me lunch and we would sit in the car and eat and listen to The Carpenters. I was the pickiest eater but in hindsight I loved sitting in that car listening to music with her.



Luis, Artist Success Manager
“I Love Being Around You” by Nathan Pyle


My favorite times with my mom from when we were younger is when we did math and word puzzles. We are nerdy like that. One of my most recent favorite memories with my mom is when she flew from Philadelphia to Chicago just to see my ridiculous apology posters, including one depicting a cross-section of her womb, hung in an art show. She was so proud.


Jess, Brand and Social Strategy Director


“Dino Hug” by Lim Heng Swee

My brother and I used to spend hours playing in the woods near our house and our mom had the loudest whistle I’ve ever heard in my life. We could hear it from what seemed like miles away back in the day. When we heard that whistle we knew we had to hurry and get home.


Lance, Artist Shops Account Director & Comic Book Czar


My mom is the best. My favorite memory with my mom is when we used to watch the Twilight Zone marathons on New Year’s. We’re both really into the whole science fiction/horror genre and the iconic twist at the end of every episode.


Jeff, Graphics Coordinator
“Cookie Loves Milk” by Jess Fink

One of my favorite memories was when I fell riding my bike and sliced my chin open for like the 10th time. I called my Mom to come take me to the emergency room for stitches again. I sat on the curb bleeding for an hour because she had to finish watching her soap opera All My Children first. It makes me laugh every time haha


Jake Nickell, Founder & CEO
“My Mama Gave Me Life” by

I’m the second of five kids in my family and somehow my mom could find time to spend with each us and make us all feel very special and loved. As my siblings and I are all adults now, I’m probably the closest with her. We share a lot of the same interests that my siblings don’t, and I will always cherish our little boutique shopping trips, Harry Potter movie marathons, and sharing arts & crafts ideas and projects. Yeah, she’s pretty much the best mom ever!


Betsy, Help Team Ambassador & Office Manager

mothersday_betsyL copy

My mom was the first feminist I knew. She was only one of two women in her pre-med program in the ’60s, and went on to teach physics, chemistry and biology. She raised five kids, and somehow found time to read, birdwatch, housekeep, volunteer at nature centers and shuttle all of us to & from our various activities and sports. She instilled in us a deep curiosity about the world, probably most strongly during our family camping trips.

Betsy, Senior Front End Engineer
“Little Miss Matryoshka” by Meg Hunt

It is far too difficult to pick one favorite memory with my Mom. All of them are my favorite, from listening Michael Jackson’s Off the Wall album with her for the first time ever, to having her read me “The Hobbit” when I was 5 or 6, or taking me to my first ever concert (KISS) when I became a teenager. Everything I know and love today can be traced back to her. She taught me everything, and raised me to be the best person I could be. We went through a lot of shit, but thanks for never leaving and everything else – I love you Mom!

Petey, Help Team Ambassador
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