Pumpkin Spice Gets All the Glory: What’s Your Favorite Part of Fall?

Fall has finally fallen upon us! And yet, for all of the beautiful sunset-colored leaves on the trees, the best apple picking you could ever ask for, and 31 whole days of Halloween (because it’s totally the whole month long), it’s a certain food and drink flavoring rhyming with ‘shmumpkin dice’ that gets all the glory.

In honor of pumpkin spice and everything else nice about fall, for this first Artist Quotes of October we asked our artists, “what’s your favorite part of fall?”

Check out their answers below! And if you have a favorite part of fall, leaf it in the comments! (Even if it is pumpkin spice!)

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“Teacup Succulents” by Martina Scott

I’m one of the those annoying people who list a handful of things when asked questions like this. Autumn is in my top four favourite seasons and here’s four reasons: I love finding the first conker of the year, the colour of the trees, that it gets cold enough for the sizable summer spiders to die, and the excuse to dress up and bob for apples.

Martina Scott | Belfast
“The Hermit” by azizaninn

I will enjoy the scenery of fall by collecting colorful fall leaves.

azizaninn (zinn) | Malaysia
“Working Together”

Seasonal stout, cider doughnuts, and dogs wearing Halloween costumes.

Nick Little | Brooklyn, NY
“Grand Overlook Hotel”

Favorite part of fall? Decorating the house for Halloween. Living 15 minutes from Disney World, we have a ton of over-the-top house decorators. Every year someone kicks it up a notch with lights, sound, projections and special effects.

Jeff Speiser | Celebration, FL
“Intraout” by badbugs_art

My favorite part of fall is definitely the colors and awesome light/sun vibe combos. I love to go – well dressed, equipped with my mp3 player – outside and walk down these great super woody roads like we have here a lot in ‘Thuringia’ (Its also known by the nickname of “the green heart of Germany” (das grüne Herz Deutschlands) from the late 19th century, due to the dense forest covering the land)). My art gets truly a lot of inspiration through these combinations of great lights/colors, the right music and a good mood. Makes fall truly sometimes to a magical moment. Just LUV!

Philipp Rietz (badbugs_art)

Featured image is “Mountain Stream” by emma711

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