Rad Gift Ideas Under $25!

‘Tis the season to get gifting! The holidays may not be all about the gifts…but let’s be honest, it’s a pretty great perk. And the only thing better than getting gifts? Giving gifts you know loved ones will love!

Of course, from buying gifts for the co-worker you got for secret Santa, to the people who brought you into this world, to your bae, the ‘ol wallet tends to pay the price this time of year. So we’ve provided a gift-giving life hack for you with this guide of rad gift ideas under $25.

Don’t pick between giving some people a great gift and others a pack of gum. Check out the gifts that people will love you for this holiday season, at crazy pre-Black Friday steal-deals your wallet will love you for!

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$10 and Under


Zip Pouches


Top row (left to right): “Not Today” by Fox Shiver, “Archelon” by Mellin Paulo Bernardo, and “Shakespeare Hates Your Emo Poems” by Ira Vogel | Bottom row (left to right): “Third Eye” by John Tibbott, “Wander” by Ross Zietz. and “Battlefield 1986” by Josh Agerstrand & Andrew Bargeron

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Top (left to right): “Drink Me Coffee” by Phil Jones, “Great Outdoors” by radiomode, and “Coffee Talk” by David Olenick | Bottom row (left to right): “Heavy Metal!” by Philipp Rietz, “Cats Cats Cats” by Michael Buxton. and “The Breakfast Club” by Jaco Haasbroek

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8×10 Art Prints 


The Great Indoors” by Katie Lukes | “Popoki” by littleclyde | “Reconnect” by NDTank & Rick Crane | “Myth Understood” by David Olenick | “Taco Eclipse of the Heart” by David Olenick | “The Geometry of Sunrise” by Dianne Delahunty | “La Dolce Vita” by Norman Duenas | “Above Sea Level” by Ross Zietz

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$15 and Under




Top row (left to right): “The Hanging City” by Tang Yau Hoong, “Lazy Day” by Zulfikri Mokoagow, “The Great Monster Off Kanagawa” by Michael Buxton, and “Let’s Go” by Rick Crane | Bottom row (left to right): “Everybody Knows” by Vo Maria, “Outono” by Vo Maria,  “Magic Flowers” by Micaela Podrzaj, and “Mouth Breather” by tinalugo

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Latte Mugs


Top row (left to right): “MTN LP” by NDTank, “The Birches” by Michelle, and “Birds of a Feather” by Ross Zietz | Bottom row (left to right): “Life is Damn Good” by Fil Gouvea, “Cat Among the Pigeons” by Michael Buxton, “Among Friends” by ErinHesser

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Top row (left to right): “Everest” by Andy Smith, “Stay Focused” by Eric Zelinski, “Spelin Chanp” by Mitch Loidolt | Bottom row (left to right): “Heavy Metal” by Philipp Rietz, “Technicolour Rex” by Elisha Hale, “Video Games Ruined My Life” by Lawrence Pernica

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Top row (left to right): “Infinity MPG” by Ross Zietz, “Make a Smile” by R. Gegen Noviara, “Octopus Bike” by Alan Maia | Bottom row (left to right): “Owligami” by Lucas Scialabba, “Botanical Profanity” by Naomi Batts

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Tees (duh!)


Top row (left to right): “NTNL PRKS” by Ross Zietz, “Cthulhu’s Church” by Gianni Corniola, “A Pixel of My Childhood” by Adam Jhesu Rufino Nakamura | Bottom row (left to right): “Cat Lover” by Tobe Fonseca, “Whatever” by Mathiole, “Old Gamer” by Gintron

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$2o and Under


Phone Cases


Top row (left to right): “Mister Mittens’ Big Adventure” by Joe Van Wetering, “The Birches” by Michelle, “Tropical Tendencies” by Michelle, “Witchcraft” by Camille Chew, “Free Hugs” by DinoMike | Bottom row (left to right): “Ugly Drawings” by PUHL, “Business Man” by Sebastian Govino, “Dino” by Missaire Julien, “Whale of a Time” by Christopher Phillips, “Painting the Universe” by Philipp Rietz

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Bear” by Sokol, “Portland” by Thomas Guy, “Flock of Birds” by radiomode

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Long Sleeves and Sweatshirts


Top row (left to right): “Hello” by Haasbroek, “I’m Sorry For What I Said When I Was Hungry” by Tobe Fonseca, “Many Lands Under One Sun” by Rick Crane, “Birds of a Feather” by Ross Zietz | Bottom row (left to right): “The Communist Party” by Tom Burns”, “Funkalicious” by Christopher Golebiowski, “How to Kill a Mockingbird” by Tobias Teixeira da Fonseca, “Let’s Go” by Rick Crane

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Medium Throw Pillows


Top row (left to right): “Campfire Stories” by Timothy Premack, “Color Bomb!” by Phillip Rietz, “Witchcraft” by Camille Chew | Bottom row (left to right): “My Best Friend” by Ibrahim Dilek, “And Ramen” by Andrew C. Steger & Scott Steger, and “Always Follow Your Dreams” by DinoMike

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Travel Mugs


Top row (left to right): “Buzzin’” by Aaron Jay, “Teacup Succulents” by Martina Scott, “The Deadliest Sharks of All Time” by Aled Lewis, “Forest Pattern” by Katie Lukes | Bottom row (left to right): “Eat Hardy” by Mike Bautista & Dave Kunst, “Whale Watching” by Jackie Farkas, “Let’s Go Surfing” by dandingeroz, “O Beautiful” by Ross Bruggink

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The Melting” by Joe Van Wetering, “Dot to Dot” by Anna Gordon, “Color Bomb!” by Philipp Rietz, and “Dino” by Missaire Julien

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$25 and Under




Top row: “The Shining Overlook Hotel Rug” by Jeff Speiser, “Talking Penguin” by David Olenick | Bottom row: “Nap Time All the Time” by Nan Lawson, and “Sloth Stripe” by Kellabell9

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Weekender Bags


Top row: “Dark Roses” by Marcos Navarro, “Lamonstre” by Derin Ciler, “Everything is Fine” by DinoMike | Bottom row: “Burgerman” by zackolantern, “Rabbit Hole” by Ross Zietz, and “Road Trip” by alfie bocabel

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$30 and OVER


Shower Curtains


Top row: “Lutsen, MN” by Brent Schoepf, “The Squid vs. The Whale” by Brandon Ancone | Bottom row: “Technicolour Rex” by Elisha Hale, and “Mynt” by James Soares

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Duvet Covers


Top row: “Ramen’ses Return” by Jerry Maninang, “Deer Prudence” by Brian M. Kaiser | Bottom row: “Keziah – Flowers” by Florent Bodart, and “Adrift in the Mountains…” by NDTank

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