Rock Out with These Concert and Festival-Goer Dream Designs

Music-inspired designs

Music lovers rejoice! Summer—and music festival season—is well underway. Finally, all the bands you’ve been following on social, listening to on repeat, and dreaming up ways to see are touring, which means they might stop in your city. Perhaps you’re planning to travel to a fest you’ve saved up for or grabbed tickets to concerts around town. Either way, summer is the best time to see live music; it’s the season that brings out both big, mainstream names and buzz-worthy indie acts on the cutting-edge of their genre.     

To have the best live music experience possible, decide what to wear and pack in advance, planning ahead for what to expect based on the show, or shows, you’re seeing. Unless the concert’s inside at dingy dive bar, you need to pack for weather. Scorching sun, pouring rain, relentless wind or chilly night air are all possibilities that will make enjoying your favorite band difficult. Wear sleeveless tanks or lightweight tees with a zip-up hoodie or sweatshirt for when the sun sets. Sport comfortable shoes that can handle plenty of walking and lots of standing. Whether you’ve got tickets to a three-day extravaganza or plan to see a concert after work in the glorious summer dusk, pack light. Use a drawstring or tote bag to carry your water bottle (hydrate, people). Wear sunglasses, a hat, and, for daytime or early evening shows, sunscreen.      

Get in the spirit to see summer shows by rocking witty, cool designs infused with good vibes. You’ve got plenty of your favorite band’s tees, so add some new favorite music-inspired designs to your wardrobe for this season’s show lineup. 

T-shirt design by Alex Solis
The Beetles” t-shirt design by Alex Solis

Literal and hilarious, this vintage-themed design nods to one of music’s greatest bands with scientific accuracy. Grab it on an extra soft tee or pullover hoodie.

T-shirt design by Grant Shepley
Metal Fest” t-shirt design by Grant Shepley 

Students of science and headbangers alike will appreciate this metal-music mashup. Get it on an extra soft tee, v-neck tee, tank or long sleeve tee

T-shirt design by Grant Shepley
Bands” t-shirt design by Grant Shepley

Classic bands and music trivia unite in this design made for fans of music facts. Quiz your friends with this design on an extra soft tee, 3/4 sleeve tee or zip-up hoodie.  

T-shirt design by BullyandBunny
Retro Radio” t-shirt design by BullyandBunny

Channel your best 80s vibes in this retro boombox design inspired by the beloved Beastie Boys. Pop in a tape, bust out the tunes, and turn up the volume with an extra soft tee, dolman tee or muscle tank

T-shirt design by Dianne Delahunty
Sound of Summer” t-shirt design by Dianne Delahunty

Sing those sweet summer tunes loud and proud in this sunset and vinyl-themed design. Wear it on an extra soft tee, deep v-neck or sweatshirt

T-shirt design by Steven Rhodes
Cult Music Sing-Along” t-shirt design by Steven Rhodes

Get the whole group singing together in an occult-inspired sing along. Grab this design on an extra soft or premium tee

T-shirt design by Loy Valera
Friday, I’m in Love” t-shirt design by Loy Valera

The Cure would be pleased with this pictorial depiction of a week’s journey through love. Rock this design on an extra soft tee, v-neck or zip-up hoodie.

In fresh, music-themed styles, you’ll be ready for good tunes before the band even takes the stage. This festival season, plan ahead, pack light, and show up ready to dance, mosh or gently nod your head while rocking music-infused designs.

Sarah Fischer

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