Root for the Home Team With Our Sports Haiku Challenge

Gather around, sports fans, it’s that magical time of year when sports happen! (Wait, isn’t there actually always some sport in season?) And in honor of moving from baseball games to fall football, we’re throwing down the gauntlet on another haiku challenge. That’s right, poetry and sports, nature’s favorite combination of contemplative and competitive activities. Need a quick refresher of how this challenge kicks off? Take a peek at our dino haiku challenge for the replay. For those of you who are new to the game, here’s the play-by-play:

  • Pop open our sports designs and pick your favorite design in the lineup.  
  • Write a haiku inspired by the design you choose. Having a hard time remembering high school English class? We got you. A haiku is a Japanese poem composed of three lines of five, seven, and five syllables, or seventeen syllables in total. 
  • Finally, post your design and haiku in the comments on this post. We’ll pick our favorite and award the winner with a $25 gift code to Threadless (and unlimited glory). 
  • Submit your haiku by 8/27 at 12 PM CT to be considered for the challenge. 

Need to tee up some haiku inspiration? Read on for our attempt to get the ball rolling. 

Threadless t-shirt design by Vo Maria
Sports?” design by Vo Maria

Yeah, I’ve heard of sports.
Does that mean I care at all?
No. No, it doesn’t.

Threadless t-shirt design by Steven Rhodes
Extreme Sports” design by Steven Rhodes

They say I can’t swing.
So, I’m bringing my own bat.
Batter up, you jerks. 

Threadless t-shirt design by Teenage Stepdad
TV Sports” design by Teenage Stepdad

Please leave me alone.
Seriously, go away.
Why? I’m watching sports. 

Threadless t-shirt design by Tri Agus Nuradim
Move Faster” design by Tri Agus Nuradim

Team mates call me slow. 
I move at my own damn pace.
Don’t know why I race.

Threadless t-shirt design by Alex Solis
Non-Athletic Department” design by Alex Solis

Gear up, team. It’s time.
The big event’s finally here. 
Food’s ready, eat up.

Threadless t-shirt design by selfsorter
Air Jesus” design by selfsorter 

He’s risen indeed.
And taking the court by storm. 
Holy Christ, slam dunk!

Go write a haiku to your favorite Threadless sports design, and post it in the comments for a chance to win a Threadless gift code!

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