Send Art Through the Mail! Greeting Cards Have Arrived.

Send Art Through Mail! Greeting Cards Have Arrived.

Hello! Thank You! Seasons Greetings! Greeting cards can say a lot in a short amount of time and can mean the world to those who receive them. They play an important role in spreading love, checking in on family, and keeping in touch with friends. That’s why we’re so excited to have launched Greeting Cards, a not so new, but really exciting product featuring designs made by our incredible artist community. Now more than ever, it’s a perfect way to support the postal service and send a card by mail.

Send to a Friend

What better way to keep in touch with friends near and far than with a cute greeting card? You don’t need a reason to check in with your best buds or your local girl gang. Drop a note to say hi, keep them updated on what’s going on in your life, and encourage a bit of back-and-forth correspondence.

Send to a Relative

How many times have you heard your parents tell you to call your grandparents on holidays or their birthdays? Why not be an overachiever and send a greeting card too? Drop a card in the mail to your siblings to let them know you’re thinking about them. Say hi to your mom or dad and put a smile on their faces. The possibilities are endless.

From left to right: “Happy Birthday Cake” by Lisa Kubenez, “Tell Us S’More” by Nathan W Pyle, and “Long Distance Hugs” by Tobe Fonseca.

Celebrate a Milestone

Taking a moment to acknowledge an important milestone or accomplishment in someone’s life makes the moment that much sweeter. Saying it with a card adds a personal touch that truly means the world to the one receiving it.

From left to right: “Roxie’s Place Birthday Card” by Roxie’s Place Cat Rescue, “Party Owl” by Nic Squirrell, and “Fine Wine Party” by Lisa Kubenez.

Send Love

Love letters aren’t dead and don’t let anyone convince you otherwise. Send a greeting card to your new fling, your long-term partner, or even a best friend who means more to you than anyone would ever know. Love is love. Say it with a card.

From left to right: “This is Nice” by Cecelia Hotzler, “You’re Cute” by Electric Press, and “Coolest Cat Dad Ever” by Pink Donut Graphic Tees.

Send Laughs

We all love getting tagged in a funny meme post on social that seems like it was made just for us. But let’s take it one step further where the memes and jokes are delivered to your door by mail. How hilarious is that? Then take that joke and pin it on your wall or fridge for a good laugh every day.

From left to right: “Guess What Chicken Butt” by Fishbiscuit Designs, “Well, Fuck” by Electric Press, and “Hope Your Day is as Nice as Your Butt” by AguLuque.

Send Art

Art is an important part of any living space. Why? It keeps the creative juices flowing, it brightens moods, it makes us think of a place outside of the one we are currently residing in. Share the creative love and send your favorite art and design on a greeting card. The lucky receivers then get to hang it up in their workspace, next to their bedside table, or even in their kitchen.

From left to right: “Colorful Nature Landscape Painting” by crbn, “Love Yourself” by ninhol, and “AB Half and Half Navy Gold” by Emeline.

Send Just Because

What is better than getting a note from someone because they are thinking of you? Keep the important people in your life close by sending a card just because.

From left to right: “Rad” by Matthew Taylor Wilson, “Mermaid” by Abyssartsbritt, and “Zombiecracy” by mathiole.

Sending a greeting card by mail is your chance to spread a bit of joy around the world. We all love receiving them. Now’s your chance to send unique, one-of-a-kind cards! Whether sending to a friend, a colleague, or a family member, sending and receiving greeting cards in the mail perpetuates a feeling of warmth and love – and it’s even sweeter when you’re not expecting it.

Send love, laughs, and art by mail, only on Threadless.

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