Sights & Sounds: How Has Travel Inspired Your Creativity?

Traveling isn’t just about vacation. It’s about escaping your every day and discovering the new: cultures, people, places, sights, sounds. The world is a giant place filled with wonders; with so much to see, it’s nearly impossible not to become inspired along the way. This week at Threadless, we’re celebrating the joy of travel and the many ways it can influence our creativity. To kick things off, we’ve asked the artists behind this week’s new tees to tell us about the ways travel has inspired their art. Read on to see what they have to say, and snag their awesome new designs here!

“There And Back Again”

When I enjoy a work of art or music it’s likely because it evokes a sense of place or atmosphere. When I make something somewhere beautiful, I want to bottle that same feeling into my own art. Travel unquestionably helps me be creative! Joe Wright, Macclesfield, Cheshire, UK

“Ninja Gifter”

Being from a cold region of this world, I usually travel to get away from winter and snow. I do like to take photographs when I’m on vacation, and I often use those pictures for inspiration and reference for various projects. Yannick Bouchard, Quebec City, Quebec, CA


I’ve been blessed to be able to travel the world not only for pleasure, but to help others. I’ve seen a wide spectrum of art and learned the many reasons for its creation. While in Europe, I saw numerous Banksy-esque pieces of protest on city streets. In Haiti I looked at countless street painters trying to get money to feed their families. There is something about seeing the tangible work of art right in front of me that makes me want to create. I get inspired by what other artists have created and want to experiment with what they’ve already done. In summary, I would say that travel has inspired me by removing any limitations I might put on myself and showing me I can create anything I want. People have created much more than me in worse situations, so I don’t have any excuse. Zack Sweeten, Redmond, WA

“Melting Sun”

Many things inspire me, like movies and people, but animals and nature offer much more to my creative process. moty_moty_moty, Semarang, Central Java, Indonesia

“Mind Control”

Travel is part of my creative process. I always visit new places to get out of my comfort zone and feed my visual culture. I have a particular taste in all things involving nature, they help me relax and I end up forgetting the stress of the every day. I register everything that make my eyes pop, whether it’s through photography or storing it in my notebook that I always keep close to me. Daniel Teixeira, Porto, Portugal

“Otter Space”

Traveling as slowly as possible is the best way to take in new things. Sometimes you need to go at the speed of light to get things done though! Thomas Orrow, Bangkok, Thailand

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