Spotted Art: Seattle, Washington

“Angie’s Umbrella”

Seattle, Washington – also known as Emerald City.

It was my first visit to the city I’ve only grown to know through Grey’s Anatomy and I did very little research as to where to go and what to see. But hey, that’s the best way to find art: by surprise.

After spending a whole day on foot, walking around downtown in every which way possible, I spotted some sweet art installations and murals.

Angie’s Umbrella: Steered by wind, this perfect art piece that encompassed my rainy Seattle day is located off of Lenora St. & Blanchard St. (You can view a video sampling here.)

Pike Place Market: Always a go-to spot when in Seattle for the fresh fruits, bouquets of flowers and of course, all of the seafood you can find (note: not meant for those who absolutely love Little Mermaid).

“Pike Place Market”
“Pike Place Market”

What caught my attention was all the typographic, vintage signage because of course, I am a graphic design nerd. It’s those small decor details that bring out the history of Seattle.

Parking Lot Mural: I have never had a parking lot that caught my attention as much as this one. Similar to a graphic facilitation style of doodles and typography merged together, this mural matched up with graffiti art was the epitome of what a mural is supposed to be.

Parking lot mural

There’s so much going on that you just have to stop and walk up and down the lot to read everything (and please, try not to get hit by a car).

Parking lot mural

Unknown object, but awesome street art: I honestly have no idea what this object was on the streets of Seattle, but the fact that it was painted on and funded by Seattle’s Neighborhood Matching Fund to help up the neighborhood look and feel is pretty awesome.

“???” funded by Seattle’s Neighborhood Matching Fund

The program is developed by Seattle-ers (if that’s even the correct terminology) and is a wonderful way for residents and artists to work together to create something long-lasting for the city they love.

What are some other hidden art gems around Seattle that are must-see’s?

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