Spread the Love on Father’s Day with the Perfect Gift

Being a dad means much more than passing genes to the next generation. It means changing diapers at the most inopportune times, helping with algebra homework, playing hide-and-go-seek. It means trying not to laugh when your kid learns a four-letter word, and giving them advice when they need it most. In other words, it means being a loving, nurturing presence. If there’s a father figure in your life—biologically related or not—getting them a thoughtful Father’s Day gift is a way to tell them, “Hey, I appreciate all of the things you’ve done for me.”

When searching for the right gift for Dad, think about their interests and the things you admire most about them. At Threadless, you’ll find many unique artist-made gifts that cater to all types of dads, from the sports fanatic to the nature enthusiast. To help you narrow down your search, we’ve curated some choice gifts for a multitude of dad-like personalities.

The Spectacularly Unique Dad

Not all families are the same. Some have two dads, while others have no dads due to various circumstances. It really makes you question the concept of a “traditional family.” On Father’s Day, we can celebrate all of the people who fulfill the duties of a parent, regardless of the neat little boxes society tries to put everyone in. Pay homage to the parental figures who are important to you with gifts such as the “Two Dads” T-Shirt by metalsan and “The World’s Biggest Heart in the World” T-Shirt by wawawiwa.

The Father of All Puns Dad

If you’ve ever told your pops, “I’m hungry,” and they replied, “Hi Hungry, I’m Dad,” then they’ve probably fed you more dad jokes than you could stomach. They’re well-practiced in the art of unfunny, and their puns land with deadly accuracy. The next time they let one fly, don’t groan, sigh, or roll your eyes. That only makes them stronger. Instead, give them a gift that matches their level of punmanship, like Thomas Orrow’s “Soy Milk” T-Shirt.

The Superfan Dad

When they go into the office, they wear a tie with their favorite team’s logo. They always remind you that they could’ve gone pro if they never blew out their knee in high school. On the living room shelf, they keep a signed baseball in-between a family portrait and their grandfather’s urn. If this reminds you of a father figure in your life, then game day is always a special day for them. Give them a new uniform to wear while they holler at the television with the “TV Sports” Men’s T-Shirt by Teenage Stepdad.

The Not All Heroes Wear Capes Dad

There’s something about being a parent that gives a person superhuman abilities when their child is in distress. If you’ve seen one of those epic dad reflex videos, then you know what we’re talking about. You might even remember a time when your own dad saved the day, whether they paid your rent during a tough time or brought you soup when you were sick. Thank your dad for always swooping in when you need it with a gift such as the “Super Dad” T-Shirt by Agimat ni Ingkong.

The Wise Beyond Their Years Dad

Some dads know exactly what to say to lift your spirits, motivate you, or help you view things from a different perspective. Sometimes a heart-to-heart with Dad over beers is exactly what you need to learn a life lesson, like you can’t please everyone and pineapple doesn’t belong on pizza (they said it, not me). Let your dad know you appreciate the wisdom they share with a Father’s Day gift such as the “Tri Your Best” Mug by Dino Mike.

The Father Nature Dad

“Wander” Backpack by arzie13, “Outono” Beach Towel by vo maria, and “Burritos” Travel Mug by randyotter3000
“Wander” Backpack by arzie13, “Outono” Beach Towel by vo maria, and “Burritos” Travel Mug by randyotter3000

If your dad is the outdoorsy type, your childhood was probably filled with camping trips, s’mores, and nature. Maybe they even taught you survival skills such as making a fire or charging your phone with a potato. Help Dad gear up for the next adventure with the “Wander” Backpack by arzie13 and “Burritos” Travel Mug by randyotter3000.

The Heart of Gold Dad

One of the most valuable ways a dad can lead by example is by lending a hand to those who need it. With Threadless Causes, you can get your dad a gift that supports an initiative that’s important to them. All three of the designs above support charities serving communities in need, raising money for Causes including Humanitarian Aid and Racial Injustice. Let Dad know that their gift is helping impact lives around the globe!

The My Pets are My Children Dad

You’ve probably met a pet parent. They push their dogs around in strollers and say that living with a puppy is just like raising a child. Although they don’t have actual children, they treat their pets like members of the family—because they are! Get a pet dad you know something practical like Nathan W. Pyle’s “Moral Creature” Drawstring Bag, which is a great spot to store toys and treats for trips to the dog park.

The Green Thumb Dad

If killing houseplants was a crime, many of us would be the prime suspect on an episode of Forensic Files. In order for a houseplant to grow and thrive, you need to give it attention, keep it hydrated, and sing it lullabies. You know, just like you’re its parent. If there’s a plant dad in your life, make them feel like the nurturer they are with a Father’s Day gift such as the “Adopt a Plant” T-Shirt by Vincent Trinidad.

Still searching for the right Father’s Day Gift? Our diverse, global community of independent artists regularly updates Threadless with their new products and fresh designs. There’s a good chance the perfect gift is waiting for you! Happy Father’s Day to all the human, pet, and plant dads out there!

The designs featured at the beginning of this post are “Everest” by andysmithdesign and “Avocardio” by mogumogu.

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