Spykeee be Trollin’ You

We’re letting the good times troll with ALL the troll designs! And ALL the troll puns!

To celebrate Troll Dolls coming back into our lives and invading the big screen in November, we’ve launched a Trolls collection that gives homage to the classic Troll Dolls and a nod to the new. And Ralph Pykee Lambaco’s (a.k.a SPYKEEE) winning design gives the critters a new look that proves that they can be more adorable than creepy…creepy is reserved for Furbys.

We talked to SPYKEEE about his band, his art, and, of course, Troll Dolls. Check out his answers below!

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You gave the trolls a bit of a redesign and made them really freakin’ cute! Was this a goal? 

Most people find trolls scary or intimidating but I personally find them cute so it wasn’t so difficult. In the end, the idea revolved around that; make them playful and appealing.


How did you come up with this design?

I got inspiration from cherubims and their fun and childlike nature. I was leaning on to a more feminine touch than my usual.

I read that you illustrate for comics and video games – what kinds do you work on?

Different kinds actually. But doing more work on Western style comics.

What are some of the challenges of illustrating for animated graphic novels?

Balancing work and real life deadlines. And my mood.

Greatest Hero of Eternia,” “Pansit,” and “Albert

It seems like you dabble in so many different styles and genres. What art style do you most enjoy?

I am very flexible when it comes to my art and my styles. I do not have a specific style. It depends on the effect and how the overall final outcome looks in my head.

Courtesy of Spykeee’s Instagram

What’s the art scene like where you’re from?

There are a lot of artists where I live but those who do what I do and the style I work with are not very common. The art scene here is generally scattered and underground.

Did you ever have troll dolls as a kid?

I remember my older brother owning a few of them.

What kinds of comics/films inspire you?

Finding new artists and coming across art styles that I’ve never tried before always puts me in the mood to make something new. I like the challenge of making my own version of whatever art style I end up liking.

You did a “Make” video with Threadless in 2013. What’s changed for you since then?

2013 wasn’t my best year. By the end of last year, I got myself back on track and made more art. I am glad 2016 is treating me better.

“The Lost Planet” and “Planet X”

Is there are story behind your “Planet X” and “The Lost Planet” designs? 

I have always been a fan of sci-fi. I remember Flash Gordon from my childhood and the art style was the key point of the design.

Courtesy of Spykeee’s Instagram

Do you write comics as well?

Yes. It is what I have been busy with for the company I am working for.

Are you in a band too?

Yes, I am. We just finished recording two songs and currently making time for more. We recently had a gig out of town and the reception was very good.


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