Submit A Design For A Tee Using Only One Color!

Pick a color, any color…but only one!

Friends, this is not the time to express your love for rainbows. Although, feel free to stare at a rainbow to determine your single most favorite color in the world. Once you’ve got it, step away, rub your eyes (rainbows are bright!), and create a tee design using only that one magical, wonderful, fabulous color.

Now’s your chance to exercise a single color’s greatest weapon: multiple shades, gradients, tints, and values that together, can create the most mesmerizing one-color design human eyeballs will ever consume. The design itself can be anything of your choosing; as long as you do it expertly in one color, you may be rewarded with the color of money.

Without further ado, show us your true color!

Jake Nickell

Founder & CEO at Threadless. Also sometimes known as the Coolest Dude on Earth. (For SEO purposes.)