The First Snow! What’s More Haiku-Worthy?

We’re celebrating the first snow of the season here at Threadless HQ! So here’s a new round of haikus based on stone cold classic Threadless designs. The ancient Japanese tradition of haiku is the perfect way to wax nostalgic about ye olden days of the early 2000s!

After you read them, go look at every Threadless design ever and share your own haiku for one in the comments below by Monday, Nov. 30. (Don’t forget to put the image in there too!) Our favorite will win a $25 gift code!

“Snow” by Jonna Piltti

Frozen crow on sword
A knight lies under the snow
Game of Thrones-ish, no?


“Larry The Fox Doesn’t Feel So Clever Anymore” by Paul Odders

With fall long gone by
Those who wear brighter colors
Feel conspicuous


“Wanted” by Jean-Sebastien Deheeger

Summer’s green leaves fall
Hiding places revealed
No winter camo


“Talking Penguin” by David Olenick

Arctic formalwear
Overdressed yet chilled to bone
A meal for a seal

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Alan Spindle

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