The Gang’s Back: 5 New Peanuts Designs!

As we predicted, you guys have been submitting incredibly awesome designs for our Peanuts challenge. Given the fact that you’re able to reimagine one of the most iconic cartoons of all time, we knew your creations would be off the charts! Today, we’re super excited to launch five more designs from the challenge. And, to celebrate the quintessentially classic nature of this comic strip, we asked the artist behind this week’s designs to tell us why they believe Peanuts has continued to stand the test of time. Read on to see their answers, and shop the awesome Peanuts tees here!


“Happiness is a Warm Blanket”

For me, the Peanuts gang are as real to us as our friends in school. It’s easy to relate our childhood friends to the Peanuts characters. They are REAL. You feel like you actually know these little kids because Peanuts is about us. And real friends are forever, that’s why they stand the test of time.


– Rodrigo Ferreira, Brazil


“Happy Bone”

The cartoon’s simple drawings and simple story make it stand the test of time.


– Barton Anton, Indonesia



Because Peanuts Energise And Naturally Uplift The Spirit!


– Aparaat, Czech Republic


“Fresh Peanuts Daily”

Everyone can relate to the Peanuts comic strip. We’ve all at one time in our life eaten our lunch alone or longed for companionship that was unobtainable. We tend to root for the underdog; we hope that each day we are going to see them succeed, and we can share in that joy if they do. More than anything Peanuts is about sincerity, and always trying harder. Who doesn’t need a little encouragement every day?


– Retro Randy, Richfield, MN

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