The Great Debate: Which Side Are You On?

Color, or black and white? When designing, it can be a big decision, especially since both have their benefits. There’s something incredibly striking, raw, and nostalgic about focusing only on black and white. Born from the strong contrast rises a deep level of drama, while lack of color voids unnecessary distraction, allowing the viewer to experience the design in and of itself. Yet, introducing color delivers a vivid sense of life, grabbing your attention and resulting in a rich dynamic. Curious as to what our community thought on the subject, we asked the artists behind next week’s new tees to name their preference. Read on to find out, and be sure to stop in Monday to snag the new designs!

“High Voltage”

I prefer colored designs, as they’re more eye catching when applied to t-shirts. :)

– Carbine, Jawa Barat, Indonesia


Definitely black and white, because it is much easier to color separate. Just joking! I do believe that less is more, so I like simplified stuff, including colors. Also, I feel like black and white designs can be a challenge; the less you use in color, the more you need to focus on details to draw attention.

– Zhao Xiang, Qingdao, Shan Dong, China


I love seeing black and white illustrations that have really strong line work. There is such a nostalgic feel you get from it.

– Alex Solis, Chicago, IL

“Silly Karate”

I don’t know how to pick just one of the alternatives. I’m a sucker for colors in every way, and am always trying new combinations. And since I have such a colorful portfolio, I’ve started challenging myself with black and white. Turns out I have a monochromatic side to myself! So, I guess I like both equally. It really depends on the subject, in my opinion.

– Mathiole, Minas Gerais, Brazil

“Banana Fiction”

Color, always. I’m quoting a Belle & Sebastian song: ‘Color my DRAW with the chaos of trouble…’ Do notice that I changed the word ‘LIFE’ for ‘DRAW’. Clever, ahh?

– AlbertoArni, Distrito Federal, Mexico


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