The Many Faces of Krampus—Designs Inspired by Folklore’s Most Festive Demon

Naughty Brats

You’re probably very familiar with the jolly face of St. Nick—the bearded, spirited, ho-ho-ho-ing stately fellow who gifts presents to children in the dead of winter. But have you met his considerably less friendly, half-goat, half-demon, counterpart who’s not afraid to use a little force to get children to be nice rather than naughty?  

Krampus, the horned, hairy, fanged, long-tongued creature, is the delightfully fiendish anti-Santa of your dreams. For those fans of Halloween, he’s more demon than woodland imp, carrying with him chains and birch sticks to whip misbehaving kids and ultimately bag them up to take with him to the underworld. That’s the stuff of horror films (in fact, many such holiday horror films are available for your festive movie nights). It’s also the stuff of great darkly merry designs for those of you who like to celebrate the darker side of the season. Enjoy these Krampus styles and stay merry and scary all season long!  

Naughty Brats

Naughty Brats” design by Brian Walline 

This design shows Krampus at his finest—really laying into some naughty brats. That long tongue is super creepy and the birch sticks are perfect for whipping. Get this design on a cozy sweatshirt and gift it to a parent in your life who might need a little help reminding their kids who is lurking in the darkness.

Extra Kranky

Kranky Krampus” design by Anna Lisa Illustration  

Krampus has the naughty list ready, and apparently, you’re on it. Adorned with skulls and sparkles, this Krampus design is a lovely match for the witch in your life. It’s spooky but sweet and would be an excellent tee to wear to your winter solstice party.  

Season’s Greetings

Greetings from the Krampus” design by Spencer Fruhling  

This design marries the fun of a Christmas card or holiday postcard with the terror of Krampus. Get this for a friend who’s into tarot (seems like the perfect design for the devil card) and mail it with a charming holiday card of you and all your cats. That’s right, you and your five cats.  

Krampus Playtime

Have Fun with Krampus” design by The Art of Anna-Maria Jung

Maybe Krampus is kinda friendly after all! Hop in his basket and piggyback ride around the winter landscape. His hooves are great for traction on the icy terrain! Get this t-shirt for the kids, nieces, and nephews to remind them to be nice and make the most of being naughty. 

Old Friends

Cute Little Santa and his Spooky Pal Krampus” design by Jill Thompson 

What a wintry wonderland, indeed! This festive scene depicts the fun of both holiday traditions: Santa gifting whimsical toys and Krampus stealing naughty children. Such a delightful scene surely can’t be offensive. Let the little ones know Krampus is waiting if they start to act up.

Face Off

You Must Choose” design by Hillary White 

Balancing the zen of Santa and Krampus, this design delicately highlights how the two complete one whole. Still festive in its use of holiday colors and the faux knit style, it’s the perfect design for a holiday party. Get coworkers talking and maybe make them pick a side—Santa or Krampus. 

Celebrate winter’s darker days by chasing away the demons with Krampus. Get the Krampus design that speaks the most to you, and rock it at your next holiday party or Christmas dinner. The holidays are more fun with a dash of naughty and nice. Welcome winter and the holiday season with Krampus’ no-nonsense approach to the festivities. 

Sarah Fischer

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