The Purrfect Gift for The Cat Lover in Your Life

Everybody has at least one cat lover on their holiday shopping list (even if that cat lover is you. Treat yerself). But the internet is vast and full of cat designs. So to help you get the cat enthusiast in your life a gift they’ll love as much as they love their whiskered friends, we put together a kitty gift guide that will help you find the purrfect thing for every level of cat lover: from the crazy cat person, to the artsy cat lover, to the cat itself!

Check out the gift guide below right meow! And while you’re at it, check out these unique Artist Shop cat designs too!

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The Cool Cat


Sweatshirt: Lions Are Smarter Than I Am” by Keith Carter | Tank: Lovely Leopard” by Balazs Solti | Print: Banana Eating Lion” by TripperJack | Phone Case: The Party” by Sebastian Gomez de la Torre | Tote: Sunny Leo” by Robert Farkas

The Crazy Cat Lady or Dude


Hoodie: I Can Haz Cheeseburger Spaceships?” by Tiffany Ambrose | V-Neck: Meowosaurus” by Mathijs Vissers | Print: If the Internet Was a Pizza” by John Tibbot | Phone case: Waiting For My Fish” by NARNIAZ and “Catstronaut” by Jorge Lopez Ramirez | Pillow: Celestial Cat” by Boya Latumahina | Totes: Mister Mittens’ Big Adventure” by Joe Van Wetering and “Aliens Gave My Cat a Beard!” by Steven Rhodes

The Cat Realist


T-Shirt: Every Time a Cat Cleans Itself it is Worshipping the Dark Lord” by Jerrod Landon Porter | Beanie: Dreaming of Destruction” by Joel Robinson | Phone Case: Murdercats” by Andrew Gimetzco | Weekender Bag: 7 Sins” by Lucian | Pillows: Stop, Please!” by Willian Richard & Tobias Fonseca, “8 Down, 1 to Go” by tenso GRAPHICS, and “Careless Whisker” by David Olenick

The Artsy Cat Lover


Totes: The Fog” by Michelle Li, “Art & Meow” by Elly Liyana | Longsleeve Shirt: I Got Another Whale” by Chow Hon Lam | Phone Case: 3 Cynics” by Marko Vuleta-Djukanov | Mug: Popoki” by littleclyde | Pillows: Psychedelic Sorceress” by Camille Chew and “How to Kill a Mockingbird” by Tobias Teixeira da Fonseca

Sweet, Sweet Catterns


Phone Case: Cupcakes and Kittens” by Josue Macias | Travel Mug: Cats Cats Cats” by Michael Buxton | T-shirt: Cat Among the Pigeons” by Michael Buxton | Tote: Pass the Catnip” by Krista Perry | Pillows: Furr Division” by Tobe Fonseca and “Drunken Cat Drawings” by Jillian Fisher

The Nerdy Cat Lover


Hoodie: Lazercats! Lite” by Josh McKible | T-Shirt: String Theory” by Karen | Tote: Gato Negro” by Jillian Fisher | Phone Case: Catastrophe” by Daniel Arzola & Raul Garderes | Pillows: Final Boss” by Jakub Gruber and “Atomic Kitties” by Pim Tanachwanan

The Human Cat (A.k.a The Homebody)


T-Shirt: Cat Lover” by Tobe Fonseca | Tank: Play With Me” by Sandalo Barbosa | Blanket: The Great Indoors” by Katie Lukes | Notebook: Not Today” by Fox Shiver | Mug: Catffeinated” by Casandra Ng | Tote: Pawless” by Katie Campbell

The Cat!


Cats love plastic – perhaps hold off on throwing away the package your Threadless order comes in. And maybe throw a soft fleece blanket into the mix for when you do ditch the plastic! (Might we suggest one with a keyboard on it?)

Shop these cat designs and way more!

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