The ’90s called – they want Mulder and Scully back, because lucky for us? 2016 has officially stolen them away.

X-Files is back, baby.

The January 24th premiere of the brand spankin’ new season of X-Files may seem too far away. But after waiting 14 long, X-Files-less years with only re-runs and fanfictions to survive on, we can hold out a few more weeks.

To hold us over, not only did we challenge our artists to create a design that aliens would want to beam right off of our bodies and keep for themselves – we also had them draw what they think alien life would look like.

Check out their answers below!

“Classified” by DannE-B

Probably like these peanuts I was eating.


– Dan Burgess (DannE-B), Manchester
“Clues and Connections” by Tom Burns


I’m thinking maybe primitive and sea creature-y…I mean, I’m sure there are lots of different varieties out there, even on the same planet, but this little Cthulu type of dude is what I imagine!



–  Tom Burns, Scottsdale, AZ
“Since 1993” by Artrocity

To think an alien from another planet would look like human or similar to human is what one would hope for…or maybe not. I, for example, hope The Cat Alien Conspiracy Theory is true! And while we all wait for that theory to finally be confirmed (and because it would be too easy to just draw our cat overlords), my second guess would be that aliens are some kind of shapeless form, something very abstract and very different from us to even comprehend.



–  Andrea Orlic (Artrocity), Split, Croatia


“Out There” by Mathiole

I don’t think an alien would have humanoid form, it’s very unlikely. So I imagine something completely weird, hard to describe, without pattern.


– Mathiole
“Believe” by Kharmazero

It’s a beach drawing I made last summer. I had these words floating in mind while i was drawing: cubic shapes /Aztecish inspiration /non-hairy/ non-aggressive/ humanoidish/totemic



– Frederic Levy-Hadida (kharmazero), Lille- France
X-Files Freak Show” and “I Want to Believe” by Raul Garderes

This otherworldly creature has fangs, multiple eyes, a snakelike tail, and of course no alien would be complete without a laser gun.



– Raul Garderes, Melbourne, Australia
“Welcome to Earth” by Raymond Escarpe

I would imagine that an alien would be human-like but with different kind of face with no emotions, but has certain kind of knowledge. Maybe a knowledge that human never has.


– Raymond Escarpe


“Intersection” by idilek

I think, they looks like brain in the milk with connecting port to the classic alien bio-mechanic costume. Their bodies have died a long time ago, this method they developed for immortality but they needs more more cow for fresh milk.



– Ibrahim Dilek (idilek), Turkey
“Host” by Matt Glasby


Aliens will have evolved to utilize the stars and their moon in amazing ways. They absorb power through a small cube which grows from their head which in turn powers an all seeing eye in their belly!

– Matt Glasby, Brighton, United Kingdom
Screen Shot 2016-01-04 at 10.08.53 AM
“I Want to Believe” by Aparaat


Aaah, this is hard, much harder than the challenge itself. Judging by the sheer diversity of life here on Earth alone and with their no doubt different environment to evolve in, they could look like anything. From an octopus like land dwelling cephalopod to a creature so bizarre that not even the most vivid mind could ever imagine. Though I might no be surprised if they actually looked a lot like us. Intelligent social beings with audiovisual sensors not dissimilar to our eyes and ears, a pair of ultra dexterous limbs resembling our hands to develop technology and a pair of leg like limbs to get them around.


Happy new year to you and everyone at Threadless!



– Aparaat


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