There’s a Game Where You JUST Take Care of Succulents

Whether you love hoarding succulents or want to but can’t keep ’em alive for the life of you (er, the life of them), now you can have as many succulents as your heart desires without the cost. There is a game where all you do is take care of and grow succulents. Because of course there is.

Courtesy of Ice Water Games

Created by Ice Water Games, “Viridi” lets you raise a whole mess of these little desert babies without having to worry about whether or not your office gets enough sunlight for them. It even helps you learn about all different types of succulents by their actual names rather than just calling them “SO DANG CUTE.”


Viridi is definitely not a fast-paced game where you gotta collect all the succulents – it is not the Pokemon of plant games. The succulents are slow-growing, making the game more of a reflection of real life than an escape. Yet the game definitely succeeds in doing what it’s meant to do – creating a meditative, calming, relaxing experience. It even has the music to match, the game sounding like a guided relaxation tape minus a narrator.

You still have to take some care of them. You can, for example, overwater them, just like they’re prone to in real life. But skimping on or “failing” at a succulent game somehow feels less guilt-ridden than when you forgot to check back on your NeoPets or NintenDogs for a few days…

Screen Shot 2016-05-25 at 10.27.18 AM
“Quail in the Succulents” by Leroy_Hornblower

It’s free for desktop download now, and while they are working on an Android and iOS version of the game, the desktop version is especially nice because you can keep it up in the background all day and watch your plants grow.

As a crazy plant lady who spends way too much time and dedicated space in my room to succulents? I’m pretty stoked that this game exists.

How about you? Is Viridi something you would play? Let’s talk about it in the comments!


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