These Teeny Tiny Pokemon Make Life Complete

I don’t know about you, but I was obsessssssed with Pokemon as a kid. I watched it every morning, played games yellow through ruby on every model of the Gameboy, dropped 50 bucks on a holographic Charizard…the cards were even banned at my school because trading was becoming like gambling for tots.

So yeah, I’m kind of into Pokemon.

But what’s better than Pokemon? Teeny tiny fit-on-your-fingernail Pokemon.


Ruby, a.k.a @claybies, makes these “pinkymon” out of clay. Her Instagram only has 400ish followers, which is the biggest surprise of the century. Because BEHOLD THE CUTENESS.


And she makes tiny clay versions of the original 151 – not the existing billion new ones that no one could possibly identify in the “who’s that Pokemon?” commercial break challenge. Yeah, I just dropped that reference.


She doesn’t sell these teeny Pokemon, but she does take commissions on Etsy. So you can totally…wait for it…catch ’em all. Er, buy ’em all.


Needless to say, I’m heartface-emojiing hardcore about these little guys.

What was your favorite Pokemon? Duke it out in the comments like trainer vs. trainer.

All photos courtesy of Claybies

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