This Adorable New Anime Features a Banana Cat

Sometimes the best things are the most impossibly random ones. And “Bananya” is the random cat-banana anime hybrid we never knew we wanted.

Bananya actually started as a design created by Japanese stationary manufacturer Q-lia, and was adapted into an animated show by TMS Entertainment released just this month.

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We don’t know much about it, but with descriptions like “Bananya’s dream is to become a stylish chocolate banana,” what we do know is pretty great. Bananya is a mysterious cat who lives in a banana…maybe. The catch is we’ve never seen beneath the peel.

omg look how happy it is

So is Bananya a half-cat, half-banana hybrid? Is Bananya a cat taking refuge in a banana peel? How does he (she?) keep the banana peel from rotting? These are the questions, and probably why Bananya’s peel is so big – it’s full of secrets.

Spoiler alert.

Bananya is also a catnana of secrecy, playing and causing mischief when no one is around – basically the Toy Story of cat-bananas. It’s the most random food-cat hybrid since Nyan cat (we can haz Bananyan cat crossover?) or bread cat. And for that, we thank you, TMS Entertainment. We thank you.

Images all belong to TMS Entertainment


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