This is the Next Flappy Bird

No one was untouched by the red hot frustration that was Flappy Bird. Friendships were tested. Sanity teetered on the edge. Even the creator of the game couldn’t handle the user-insanity caused by his own creation.

“Why do u cry, father?”

Well now, if you don’t have enough little frustrations and emotional outbursts in your life, here’s the fix. Behold, what is surely the next Flappy Bird: freakin’ Cat-A-Pult.


Cat-A-Pult is pretty much exactly what it sounds like. You catapult little 8-bit cats onto a platform. The gameplay is pretty much if Flappy Bird and Angry Birds got together and somehow had cat offspring.


It’s as insanely frustrating as it is darnright adorable. It’ll turn cat-lovers into cat-haters…just kidding, nothing’s that powerful.

In all realness, this Tivola game is actually super fun, and the perfect fix for killing time on the train or waking up your brain in the morning with a little 8-Bit frustration. And it’s not nearly as anger-inducing as Flappy Bird, but does kinda fill that void.

Never forget Flappy Bird. Never forget.

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Carlyn Hill

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