This Mother’s Day, Meet 10 Badass Creative Moms

Home is where the art is. And we have creative moms to thank for that! Artsy moms are the coolest. They can be the first ones to bring art into their children’s lives, the first ones to encourage them that hey – you’re pretty good at this drawing thing! (And chances are they’re also getting just as excited about the 120 box of crayons (the kind with a sharpener built into the box) as their child.) We all start out as artists. And growing up in an artsy and encouraging environment that allows our talent to bloom can make all the difference.

This Mother’s Day we want to celebrate moms bringing creativity into their homes. Meet 10 #MomsWhoMake who are incredible artists on their own, but are also opening the artistic door for the next generation. And hey – when you’re done perusing, go call the moms in your life – from friends to family members to mentors you look up to – and say “thanks” this Mother’s Day.

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Mother's Day - Kelly's Creative Blender

Kelly’s Creative Blender

Kelly’s Creative Blender lives up to its name, blending together some amazing artistic styles. Besides creating amazing hand lettering and minimal designs, she and her husband own a graphic design + marketing agency.

Mother's Day - Hutchtastic

Christine + Hutch

Meet Hutch: the next great Paleoartist. His Artist Shop is full of creatures both from another time and from another world. And he got his art skills from his mama, who’s a super skilled painter and artist.


Mother's Day - Philippa Rice

Philippa Rice

Wrote a book? Check. Has a webcomic of cardboard art? Check. Has mastered animation? Check, check, check. Philippa Rice is a Jill of all creative trades who is crushing the art game, the motherhood game, and must also have the ability to freeze time and get ALL the things done. Read our interview with her.


Mother's Day - Betsy Lam

Betsy Lam

Betsy Lam is a certified badass, and we’re not just saying that because she’s one of our very own right here at ThreadHQ. When she’s not working as a digital wizard here, she’s rock climbing and creating amazing art with her son, who is a budding artist himself.


Mother's Day - Tara McPherson

Tara McPherson

Tara, can you be an art mom to all of us and teach us your ways? Please and thank you. We absolutely love Tara’s amazing cotton candy meets dark art aesthetic. On top of being an awesome artist, she also balances being a creative mama. Read our interview with her.


Project M

Part independent artist, part future famous gallery owner, and 100% an artist. Emeline has realized that where she once created art for herself, much of her art is now inspired by her children. The sprinkles design, for example, came to her when her two-year-old threw sprinkles onto one corner of her desk and she “looked at it I saw how pretty the mess was.” Emeline is one of the selected artists of our Accelerator Program, and she’s already making waves. Read her story.


Mother's Day - Swallow Like a Lady Shop


If there’s one thing Shirley is (although she is many awesome things), she’s honest. Her Artist Shop “Swallow Like a Lady” has become this stay at home mom’s outlet for her “not in front of the child” humor. And her art has simply exploded recently, her “I Like Pretty Things And the Word Fuck.” becoming wildly popular on Threadless. She’ll make you laugh, she’ll make you think, and she’ll help you tell it like it is.


Mother's Day - BubbSnugg


Proud Pagan, pattern creator, and patriarchy protestor. This wonderfully witchy & feminist artist brings creativity into her home and into her little one’s life, creating hand lettering designs, patterns, and more that fit multiple tastes.


Mother's Day - Ljnk


Photos or illustrations? The artist behind Ljnk Illustration not only illustrates animals with photo-level realism – she’s also, naturally, a very skilled photographer and art teacher.


Mother's Day - Lauren Haldeman

Lauren Haldeman

A poet and she 1000% knows it. Lauren is like several ultra creative techie souls Wonder Twin’d into one artsy being. A web developer, web designer, and editor by day, comic artist, poet by night, and all around creative & mama 24/7. Her poetry collection Instead of Dying won the 2017 Colorado Prize for Poetry (and she gets our Prize for Awesomeness).


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