Threadless Causes: Holiday Gifts That Give Back

You know what’s an incredible feeling? Getting your loved ones gifts you know they’ll adore. When you see their eyes light up with joy—ugh, nothing beats it. For the Season of Giving, we’re taking that warm, fuzzy feeling we all love and multiplying it by three. Every time you buy a Threadless Causes design as a holiday gift, you give to…

  • Your loved ones. Art makes an awesome gift, and these specially crafted, artist-made designs will bring joy to the people you care about most.
  • Independent artists. Like anything else you buy from Threadless, each design directly supports the artist who created it.
  • Communities. Featured artists and Threadless donate a portion of proceeds to charities serving communities and conservation efforts around the world.

While you’re crossing names off your holiday shopping list, Threadless Causes offers you a unique opportunity to give an awesome gift while also impacting lives—whether human or animal. Pick a Cause that’s important to you and your loved ones, and find these designs on all sorts of giftable items ranging from apparel to stocking stuffers to home decor. Now, let’s go through the Causes you can support today with a simple purchase for the holidays.

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The Cause: Racial Injustice

Racial Injustice

If someone in your life is in tune with the social issues of their community, they’ll appreciate the spirit our Racial Injustice designs. Each gift you find from this Cause donates to organizations fighting to eradicate systemic racism.

Featured Design: “Giftees” Regular Unisex T-Shirt by Shawnimal

The Cause: Humanitarian Aid

Humanitarian Aid

When disaster strikes, it’s important that we step up for our fellow humans. Our community’s Humanitarian Aid designs deliver messages of togetherness, a theme that really resonates during the holidays. Most importantly, these gifts raise money for organizations delivering urgent relief to communities in crisis.

Featured Designs: “Coffee Break” Tote by vampdearie | “Two Hands” Mug by Ninhol | “Be A Kind Human” Greeting Card by Aidadaism

The Cause: Pride


We’ll say it until we’re rainbow in the face. Pride is a year-long celebration! Threadless artists make all sorts of vibrant, wearable art for members and allies of the LGBTQIA+ community to show their support. Grab your loved ones a Pride–themed gift that donates to charities doing critical work.

Featured Design: “Trans is Beautiful” Men’s Extra Soft T-Shirt by Sophie McTear 

The Cause: Suicide Prevention

Suicide Prevention

There are so many people who suffer in silence and need support, especially during the holidays. Our community’s Suicide Prevention designs benefit organizations delivering resources and education to at-risk individuals before they reach a critical point.

Featured Designs: “The Other Side of the Rain” Travel Mug by fhigi25 | “Seesaw Life” Zip Pouch by MidnightCoffee | “Solstice Bloom” Lined Notebook by blindthesun

The Cause: Mental Health Awareness

Mental Health Awareness

It’s not only okay, it’s essential to talk about mental health. Our Mental Health Awareness designs are full of reminders that your feelings are valid. Know someone who would appreciate this sentiment? Get them a gift that supports organizations working to end the stigma around mental health.

Featured Design: “Merry Little Crisis” Men’s Regular T-Shirt by Anna Lisa Illustration

The Cause: Human Rights

Human Rights

Basic human rights are in danger all around the world. If you know anyone who’s vocal about issues such as extreme poverty and voter suppression, our Human Rights designs might just make the perfect gift for them. A portion of proceeds benefits charities fighting for a more equitable society.

Featured Designs: “Families Belong Together” Phone Case by 5EyeStudio | “Elevate Our Communities” Fine Art Print by Values | “Gonzo Mantra (White)” Tote by highlyirie

The Cause: Environment


The nature-lovers in your life will appreciate our Environment designs for two reasons. First off, many of them depict outdoor scenes and are inspired by activities such as hiking and camping. These designs also raise money for organizations working to minimize pollution, protect natural resources, and conserve land.

Featured Design: “Let There Be Mirth on Earth” Regular Unisex T-Shirt by Obinsun

The Cause: Animals


Need proof that the Threadless community loves Animals? Take a look at our most-popular designs and you’ll find cute, cuddly, and even prehistoric creatures. If you know someone who loves animals as much as we do, get them a gift that donates to organizations working to keep pets in safe, loving homes and protecting wildlife habitats.

Featured Designs: “Frog” Button by lxromero | “Crouching Tiger Hidden Birds” Zip Pouch by Benjimoji | “Loony” Standard Mug by dylmor

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Still searching for that perfect something for your significant other? Your aunt with too many cats? Your office Secret Santa gift swap? No sweat! Visit our Holiday Hub to find tons more gifts in an array of themes and price ranges. Let’s give back to the people we love, and feel damn good doing it!

The designs featured at the top of this post are “Chosen Family” and “Finding Strength in Tenderness” by Sophie McTear.

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