Creator Commerce Brand Threadless Launches Double-Sided T-Shirts

Threadless Artist Shops users can now design and sell double-sided digitally printed-on-demand t-shirts.

Chicago, IL (August 5, 2021)Threadless, leading e-commerce company and online creator community, launches Artist Shops tooling allowing its users to create and sell double-sided t-shirts. The digital feature exists exclusively within Artist Shops, as no other print-on-demand brand offers the same level of creator control. Alternative print locations, including front and back, crest and back, and back only, are currently available across eight t-shirt styles in both Artist Shops and the Threadless Marketplace. Strange Planet webcomic creator Nathan W. Pyle, artist Char Bataille, and illustrator Micah Ulrich are some of the top-selling artists with double-sided t-shirt designs now available for sale on Threadless.

“The new print location feature was a massive project that our team is super excited to launch. We’re stoked to offer even more ways for the artist community to express themselves and engage with their fans,” says Threadless’s VP of Operations, Mike Halgas.

Two humans wearing a double-sided t-shirt featuring the design Censored Skater by Felix Pimenta
Featuring “Censored Skater” by Felix Pimenta

For over 20 years, Threadless has partnered with hundreds of thousands of artists to promote and bring their independent art to millions of fans around the world. Threadless remains a destination for artists, musicians, authors, brands, and creators to sell their original designs across hundreds of print-on-demand products, including apparel, gallery-quality home decor, and unique accessories like Bucketfeet shoes and CCS Skateboards.

“Artists using Threadless Artist Shops to sell merch online have long requested the ability to print their art on both the front and back of the garments we offer,” said Jake Nickell, Founder & CEO of Threadless. “The time has finally come! We can’t wait to see what the artist community will do with these new print locations.”

The Threadless Artist Shops platform enables artists around the world to promote, add, fulfill, and deliver print-on-demand merchandise. Threadless launched this customizable online merch platform in 2016, allowing artists to monetize their art as their own brand. With Artist Shops, individuals upload their art and transform it into merch-ready, tangible products their customers and fans can buy. Threadless handles logistics for Artist Shops owners, including manufacturing, order fulfillment, and customer service. Currently, the platform hosts nearly 300,000 unique Artist Shops, which also power the Threadless Marketplace.

“I love front and back printed shirts because they allow for so much more creativity with merch design, with placement, size and choice of graphic,” says illustrator Micah Ulrich. “Most on-demand print shops don’t offer front and back printing, or if they do, it is prohibitively expensive. Artist Shops is awesome, it allows me to offer merch, shirts and more that I wouldn’t have the ability to print myself. It allows me to be hands-on with my merch and brand without having the startup costs and space needs of a print shop.”

The Knights Raven Double-Sided T-shirt by Micah Ulrich
The Knights Raven” by Micah Ulrich

Double-sided t-shirt prints on Threadless also represent another product which artists can use for fundraising. Threadless Causes launched in 2020, offering the creator community a direct fundraising tool that donates a percentage from the sale of every artist-made design. Artists control how much they wish to donate and Threadless matches $1 for every design sold. In 2020 alone, Threadless donated $800,000 to over 25 charities fighting for racial justice, voting rights, the LGBTQIA+ community, and more. Threadless Causes charities include but are not limited to Stop AAPI Hate, National Queer and Trans Therapists of Color Network, MedShare, and The Nature Conservancy, among others.

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About Threadless

Founded in 2000, Threadless is an e-commerce company and online creator community. In 2016, Threadless launched the print-on-demand Artist Shops platform to make selling art online easier for independent creators. The turnkey merchandise solution allows individuals, companies, and nonprofits to create their own custom-branded online store for free, sell their best designs in the Threadless Marketplace, and have opportunities to sell across a variety of offline retail stores.

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