Threadless Raises $500,000 for MedShare

Drop the balloons! Pop the champagne! Call your mother, Dave—she really misses you! We’re excited to announce that we just surpassed our goal of raising $500,000 for MedShare!

When we first launched face masks on Threadless, we committed to donating 100% of our net proceeds up to $100,000. However, once we reached that milestone, we couldn’t stop. We continued donating a portion of our face-mask proceeds to strive for an even higher fundraising goal: $250,000. And then twice that amount. Now that we’ve eclipsed $500,000 raised for MedShare, we’re increasing our goal to $750,000!

In recognition of this incredible milestone, we’d like to share with you the things that make a fundraising effort like this possible.

The Vital Aid MedShare Delivers

As we all absorb the impact of the pandemic, it’s increasingly important for us to keep shining the spotlight on the humanitarian efforts of MedShare. The Atlanta–based nonprofit organization sources and directly delivers medical supplies and equipment to communities in need around the world. They’ve also partnered with The Coca-Cola Foundation and The UPS Foundation to send 1.8 million masks to China to help fight the outbreak. In a nutshell, they’re dedicated to improving the quality of life for people, communities, and our planet, and we’re happy to help them continue their important work!

The Real-World Impact of Fundraising

To get a better understanding of how raising money can translate to meaningful action in the real world, read the following message we received from MedShare:


How We Got to $500,000

We couldn’t have accomplished any of our fundraising goals without the Threadless community’s amazing artists, who continue to create captivating and thoughtful designs that supporters gladly wear with a wide, albeit hidden, grin on their faces.

"If You Can Read This, You're Too Close" Face Mask by Drawing a Blank: The Art of Cody Schibi
If You Can Read This, You’re Too Close” Face Mask by Drawing a Blank: The Art of Cody Schibi

That brings us to the next critical part of the fundraising equation: you. Your support for Threadless artists and willingness to adhere to the CDC’s recommended face-mask practices were essential steps on the road toward raising $500,000. And by covering your nose and mouth with a cloth face mask while in public, you’re doing your part to help the most vulnerable people in our communities.

Next Stop: $750,000!

So what’s next? Well, COVID-19 has not yet been eradicated and people still need aid all around the world, so let’s keep fundraising! Visit Threadless to shop for face masks with new designs and features, such as adjustable bands, or if you’re not interested in buying a face mask, please consider making a direct donation to MedShare.

Interested in designing your own face masks? Sign-up for an Artist Shop here.

Rafael Velez

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