#ThreadTWD is Back! Eye Can’t Believe it

Roses are red
So is blood
So are brains
Be my Valentine?

With Deadpool last Friday and The Walking Dead triumphantly returning to us this past Sunday, this Valentine’s weekend was beautifully bookended with morbid goodness, for couple-y people and “forever a-loners” alike.

But of course, the one we’re most stoked about was seeing what “stuff and things” Rick and CORAL were doing. And so were you, beautiful fellow tweeters! Ahh yes, it’s good to be back!


Check out the tweet recap below. And as always, if you wanna be antisocially social with us, live-tweet The Walking Dead every Sunday on Twitter (@Threadless) using #ThreadTWD. Because we love you. Not as much as zombies, though. I mean let’s be honest.

.     .     .

This Sunday Night’s biggest trend was undoubtedly puns on puns on puns….notice that I didn’t call it “Punday Night.”

Puns about the show’s return…

“Of the Dead” by Justin White

Puns about Valentine’s Day…

“Zombies Only Want You For Your Brain” by Julian Callos

Political puns (let’s get punlitica–I’m not even going to finish that)…

“Join the Awesome” by Mathiole & hafaell

But most of all…there were eye puns:

SO many eye puns…  



Eye puns further than the eye can…you get it.

“BRAAAINS!” by Ray Frenden

And of course, we had our two winners of the night – best tweet and best selfie!

Featured image is “Zombie Romance” by Yannick Bouchard

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